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Warisan Puteri Township ReviewBandar_puteri_warisan_logo

Some of us may have this thought running cross our mind. ‘One day I am just gonna move out from crazy traffic KL town and find a peaceful place to stay.’

source: the star

Yet only intend to frequent KL during the off peak hours in weekend. Beautiful idea as it seems. Say now you have the privilege to work in less crowded area or with flexi working hour arrangement, what would you settle for? A chalet overlooking the coastline, an private Island near Pulau Tioman, or one of tree house at Pulau Langkawi? Hang on, those are not in even in Klang Valley!

The imagination has gone slightly over the top, let’s gather thought now, what about this?

A Suburban Well-Planned Freehold Township Development at Southern Klang Valley Warisan Puteri Sepang.

The location of Warisan PuteriBandar_puteri_warisan_logoBandar_puteri_warisan_map

(Note: Warisan Puteri was previously known as Bandar Puteri Warisan)

Warisan Puteri is a new township development embarked by IOI Properties Group Berhad (“IOIPG”) since October 2015. Bearing the postal address 43900, Warisan Puteri is located in Kota Warisan, Sepang.

Warisan Puteri is within 18Km south of Putrajaya, 15km south of Cyberjaya and 12km from KLIA.

Warisan Puteri is a 200 acres township development and more than 24 acres are allocated for green areas. Quite generous we would say with more than 10% of the total land of the township is designated green zone.


Warisan Puteri a poem themed township development

Following the success of 16 Sierra Puchong South, the signature garden and green thematic township development crafted by IOIPG, replicating the DNA of a successful township, Warisan Puteri is a brand new township comes with poem theme. Feel intrigued don’t you, read on, (with a sip of coffee, lol) and we will unveil more…

The Theme and Concept of Warisan Puteri

If you ask someone to trade-off the distance to city for his home, it has to be something that come with character. Or else, one might as well go for the similar priced “taman-taman” which are nearer to the city e.g. Setapak, Cheras, Kepong etc. One thing you can notice from IOIPG’s development recently is its effort to not just sell and build but put in the soul and concept into its project for better living environment. PROPCAFE is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go through the full concept and idea of this new township and we are glad to share this with our followers.

The idea on “Heritage Route of Silk Road”! How could Warisan Puteri relate to Silk Road? Let’s take a look on the ROUTE!


This journey which was an ancient network of trade routes connects and runs through 1. Mediterranean, 2 Persia, 3 South Asia, 4 Nusantara Archipelago, 5 Middle East and ends it at 6 China Empire. The routes above was carefully blended into the township concept of “etnobotanica” to build the routes by relates the residents and plants throughout the township of Warisan Puteri. Inspired by the Silk Road, residents and visitors will enjoy six heritage corridors that consists of five thematic streetscape and one unique garden, namely Bliss of Mediterranean, Paradise of Persia, Street of Palms, Colour of Rangoli and Trail of Nusantara

You need to be a botanical specialist to really understand the developer’s fact sheet on all the plants or trees that comes into each streetscape and garden. Of course, PROPCAFE can help you here. A picture is worth for a thousand words. PROPCAFE managed to snap the picture of each its artist’s illustration to fulfill your wild imagination.

Warisan Puteri Bliss of MediterraneanBandar_puteri_warisan_Bliss_of_Mediterranean

Warisan Puteri Street of Palms
Bandar_puteri_warisan_street_of_palmsBandar Puter Warisan Colour of Rangoli

Bandar_puteri_warisan_Colour_of_RangoliWarisan Puteri Trail of NusantaraBandar_puteri_warisan_Trail_of_NusantaraWarisan Puteri Paradise of Persia


Assessment Factors on New Township Warisan Puteri 

PROPCAFE always emphasizes the township based on the followings:

1. Highway Network


a.) Cyberjaya-Putrajaya Expressway and MEX will be the main highway to bring you to other key townships like Cyberjaya, Sri Kembangan, Bukit Jalil, Salak South, Kuchai Lama before reaching the KL City Centre. From Cyberjaya-Putrajaya Expressway, one can head towards Puchong and Petaling Jaya

b.) The proposed interchange to access the Elite Highway could be the game changer to this part of world as it will cut short the journey toward Subang, Shah Alam and Klang.

c.) To go Cheras or Kajang, one can drive through the Cyberjaya-Putrajaya Expressway and connect to SILK and SKVE.

2. Key Public Transportation

It has to be ERL which Salak Tinggi station is just 1.5km away. Many Klang Valley folks still do not fully “utilize” the route of ERL. The current service of ERL stops at KLIA & KLIA 2, Salak Tinggi, Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, Bandar Tasik Selatan and KL Sentral with a total journey of less than 35 to 40 minutes. To add on, ERL is deemed to be the most comfortable and efficient public transportation in Klang Valley which is linked to all other LRT/Monorail and KTM lines.


3. Nearby Amenities

Nearest school and higher education institution will be SK Kota Warisan (1.1km), XiaMen University Malaysia (1.5km), SJK(c) Dengkil (7.8km), SMK Seri Sepang (9.5km) and INTI University (10km). XiaMen University Malaysia sits on a huge campus that directly link to Warisan Puteri, the university has started its first intake with estimated three thousands students. Over the next 10 years, student population is expected to increase from current 3000 students to 10,000 students once the second phase of campus is completed. In addition, Cyberjaya, the ICT and education hub, is just 10 to 15 minutes away from Warisan Puteri, a short drive will lead you to many established universities and international schools there.



A closer look into the master plan, there will be school, kindergarden, health centre, surau, community hall to be built within the township of Warisan Puteri (see below).

Malaysian just simply cannot live without shopping mall and hypermarket. Here you go. For residents’ routine grocery and weekend hang out, PROPCAFE provides here the distance to some of the nearest and famous malls/ hypermarkets in Klang Valley.

KLIO (Future) 3 km
Mitsui Outlet Park 8 km
Tesco Bandar Baru Nilai 13 km
Giant Bandar Baru Nilai 14 km
Alamanda Putrajaya 23 km
IOI City Mall 26 km
Mines Shopping Mall 34 km
Mid Valley Megamall 40 km
KLCC 46 km

How about other amenities? KIP Mart – The famous community supermarket is currently under construction nearby Warisan Puteri. McDonald? PROPCAFE used to hear from someone said that if you see McDonald’s fast food store in that area, it means the area has enough catchment or future potential. Yes, there is one which is right outside Warisan Puteri that besides the Shell petrol station! Interestingly, the operator and franchisor must have seen or foreseen something that what many had not.

KIP Mart Kota Warisan Sepang


Warisan Puteri development phases, composition development ratios and composition

Current phases

No Type of property Phase name Launched year Acreage Build-up from Price from*
1 22×75 double storey terrace Evira 2015 25 2121sqft RM650k

 Future phases

No Type of property Phase name Launched year Acreage Build-up from Price from*
1 22×75 double storey terrace Avista 1st half 2016 17 2200qft RM680k
2 24×70 Townhouse TBA 1st quarter 2017 TBA TBA TBA

Evira Warisan Puteri

Evira was the maiden launch of IOIPG’s Warisan Puteri back in October 2015. With total 196 units nestled in 25 acres of freehold land, this works out to be 7-8 units per acre, a low density development in our book.

Lies along the ‘paradise of persia’ all units at Evira Warisan Puteri are north and south orientated. Traditionally, north and south orientation units are much sought after due to less exposure to west sun, and south facing units are favorable in fungshui terms.

Evira Site Plan


Evira’s standard unit measured at 22x75ft. There are plenty pockets of open areas and greenery surrounding Evira phase which reduces the density of this phase.

Evira Warisan Puteri USP

Evira is secured by perimeter fencing and single controlled entry, giving a peace of mind to home owners who have security concerned.

All units come with large windows and 11ft high ceiling for ground floor, and 10.5 ft for 1st floor. Layout are practical with open concept for living, dining and to dry kitchen area and pillar-less and extended roof for car porch.

Internal road within Evira is 50ft wide, this is particularly important as most of us for convenient purpose tend to park our cars outside the house, a wider internal road will provide more space outside to park your cars and you don’t feel ‘cramp’ overlooking your opposite neighbor. Those who can’t live without good speed internet, good news for ya’, Evira is fiber optic ready upon VP.

Take up rate at Evira Warisan PuteriBandar_puteri_warisan_Evira_take_up

Based on the ‘pin’ board, Evira phase is enjoying pretty healthy take up rate. Apart from what external factor such as amenities, infrastructures and catalysts, predictably Evira is bound to do well. Curious? Read on!

Evira Warisan Puteri site picturesBandar_puteri_warisan_Evira_site_surrounding


Evira Warisan Puteri Show Unit Review-Ground Floor Layout Analysis

What we like about IOIPG range of products is that, it is almost a prerequisite to have actual show unit for ready for buyers before the launch.

This is IOIPG very own display commitment & confidence to customers. While the customer will be able to physically touch and feel the products they are buying, instead of relying on artist illustrations.



  1. Car porch is wide without pillar with extended roof and be able to fit in 2 midsize sedan comfortably.
  2. Large size front sliding door enable natural light to brighten up the unit.
  3. Open concept layout enable flexible placement of furniture and flexible allocation of space for dry kitchen, dining and living area.
  4. With 11ft high ceiling height on the ground floor, the unit feels spacious. High ceiling spacious living are some unique features that older terrace house, condo and apartment with less than 10ft ceiling height cannot offer.
  5. Good size ground guest room that can fit a queen size bed easily including sufficient space for wardrobe.


  1. The wet kitchen is too small.
  2. Back toilet door are directly fronting wet kitchen.
  3. Should consider full extension to make full use of the back area of the house. It is not here nor there, and can be costly to homeowner to extend, and its usable space is questionable.


Evira Warisan Puteri Show Unit Review-1st Floor Layout Analysis



  1. We love the high ceiling feature of the unit, ample natural light coming off from the upper staircase window.
  2. Master bedroom sliding doors are huge and feel very homely and bright with a right size master bedroom balcony
  3. Good size bedroom 2 & bedroom 3 both rooms with en-suite baths, and spacious family hall.
  4. Overall good space maximization.


  1. Bedroom 2 & bedroom 3 windows are not that ‘big’ as claimed, walk in wardrobe for master bedroom is narrow.
  2. Better material for staircase railing. (We understand the railing where the baluster will be painted in black to give a more premium look.)
  3. How about some green initiative such as rain water harvesting system solar water heater system?
  4. Homogenous tiles for flooring? How about laminated flooring or timber flooring would value add to home owner and air-cond units please?

Upcoming launch Avista Warisan Puteri

In view of good take up rate in Evira, we are informed that Avista Warisan Puteri is due for launch soon before 1st half 2016.

Similar like Evira, typical plot size of Avista Warisan Puteri is 22×75, with buildup of more than 2,200 sqft. Externally, Avista phase has single entry & exit point with guardhouse and perimeter fencing. Avista phase also comes with spacious driveways with pedestrian friendly sidewalks.

Within Avista, large window & high ceiling to bring in ample natural lighting & ventilation. Expect pillar-less and extended car porch and the widely popular open concept layout to be replicated in Avista, with high ceiling of approximately 11ft clearance from the ground.

IOIPG team always got it right when it comes to mass market 2 storey terrace. We love the practicality of the product, ‘maximized’ the build-up the house, basically you can’t go wrong with this.

However in terms density 182 units in a 17 acre land, this will translate to approximately 11 units per acre.


Avista Site PictureBandar_puteri_warisan_avista_60%

If you observe, Avista Bandar Puter Warisan sits on beautiful flat land. North side of Avista is fronting landed houses. Based on the actual site observation, with 50ft internal road and plenty of green zone buffer along Paradise of Persia, we reckon the units fronting Paradise of Persia will likely to be choice units to many.

Do you also notice  Avista is at advanced stage of completion? Good news for home owners, as you may be able to receive VP very soon. However, do brace for progress billing claims. We are informed that certain part of progress claims can be mitigated by IOI buy no pay later scheme. Do visit the IOIPG’s show gallery to find out more.

Avista Layout AnalysisBandar_puteri_warisan_avista_floor_plan

Apart from façade among other significant differences compare to Evira:

  1. More flexibility in allocation of wet & dry kitchen area, it is your call, to have bigger wet kitchen or bigger dry kitchen with this open concept layout orientation.
  2. There will be wash area tucked next to the guest room, utility room and bathroom 4.
  3. Additional utility room versus Evira, but no more balcony and glass sliding doors in master bedroom.
  4. Orientation of guest room differs, Avista guest room looks slightly smaller than Evira.

For PROPCAFE 360 Degree View of Avista @ Warisan Puteru , please click on the link

Selection of Pictures Evira Mock Up Show Unit

Bandar_puteri_warisan_avista_actual1 Bandar_puteri_warisan_avista_actual2 Bandar_puteri_warisan_avista_actual3Early bird catches worm

History lesson tells us that early buyers of a successful township development always able to reap handsome rewards when the township matures, our gut feel, same will apply to Warisan Puteri. A terrace today is RM650k, 3-5 years later RM650k will get you a townhouse, sound familiar right? So far, 1st phase of Warisan Puteri Evira was launched last year, 10% of the township lauched, 90% to go!

Long term value appreciation

We mentioned Evira is bound to do well. Why?

Our take, simple, first phase, plenty other price push factors, lower density with generous green areas, back to the key word, first phase.

Those who has tasted honey investing in township project, upcoming launches translate to price push opportunities.

Major Catalysts of Warisan Puteri

Bandar_puteri_warisan_klia_metroSource: skyscrapercity malaysia

Beyond Warisan Puteri, Sepang will welcome KLIA Aeropolis, Warisan Puteri may able to ride on the spillover effects of KLIA Aeropolis.

‘KLIA Aeropolis is estimated to attract a gross domestic product (GDP) contribution of about RM30 billion with 56,000 jobs created over a 15-year period.” (Source: themalaymailonline.)

Xiamen University Malaysia

Bandar_puteri_warisan_xiamen_uni2 Bandar_puteri_warisan_xiamen_uni3Bandar_puteri_warisan_xiamen_uni4

We see opportunities at Warisan Puteri, as the spanking new development 2km away from Xiamen University Malaysia, there would be potential rental demands from lecturers and students from Xiamen University Malaysia. In addition, Warisan Puteri could be a choice address for lecturers or graduates alike to ‘settle down’.

Why pay attention to township development?

Township development like Warisan Puteri offers house owners a wholesome package in terms of future access to commercial hub, new schools, better road access, health center, community hall, and affordable homes for the masses.

The flip side however, Warisan Puteri is a new township today. It will take considerable time to nurture and to have planned infrastructures materialized. Invest in new township will normally take slightly longer time horizon to reap rewards

Gated & guarded & poem themed garden living environment for locals and upgraders

Kota Warisan Sepang is a satellite town of Selangor. Warisan Puteri with its unique propositions will be able to attract local to upgrade to a lifestyle living. An option to upgrade to a secured gated and guarded environment, living in uniquely themed garden enclave in a well-built quality home is alluring.


Does size matter? 200 acres township development

200 acres big enough to be consider to as township development? However, having a 200 acre new township in Sepang, perhaps it is just nice. If the project location is within of Klang Valley mature towns with significant population catchment (Klang, Kajang, PJ, Puchong, Shah Alam, KL) we would probably say otherwise.

We reckon Warisan Puteri may not able to pull crowds in drove from inner KV to ‘migrate’ to Sepang, rather we expect existing locals who work near KLIA, residents from Salak Tinggi, Dengkil or within Sepang to call Warisan Puteri homes.

Therefore a smaller scale township like Warisan Puteri will fit just nice into Kota Warisan Sepang.Bandar_puteri_warisan_bird

Mid to Long Term Prospect

The prospect of any new township always depends on few simple factors which are commonly inter-related. Any new township needs population growth and the attraction of own-stayers or tenants are always induced by growing economy activities and job opportunities. The job opportunity is always link to key mega projects that works as a catalyst to bring in change in term of infrastructures and additional amenities.

Do you see it in Warisan Puteri? The maiden project nearby this site would be the KLIA Aeropolis. The 404 hectares of land will soon become an airport city with business towers to host aviation & technology companies, auto city, logistics hub, education institution, theme park, golf course and all the way links to the current F1 Sepang Circuit. This massive project which was launched in May 2016, together with the existing Mitsui Outlet Park and future Kuala Lumpur International Outlet (KLIO) will create ample job opportunities to grow the population of this part of Sepang.

The Link of Warisan Puteri


PROPCAFE sees the importance of the proposed interchange to ELITE highway as the start of more upgrade on the infrastructures to attract more traffic. The developers certainly have also done their homework too by seeing the potential here. The huge projects from Sime Darby (Serenia City), Sunsuria (Sunsuria City), Glomac (Saujana KLIA and Paramount (GreenWoods) are set to transform this sleepy Sepang district to be a lively township in years to come.

The people behind the township

In the property development business for more than 3 decades, they are experienced talents that crafted these successful townships such as 16 Sierra Puchong South, IOI Resort City, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Bandar Putra Kulai (Johor) and Bandar Putra Segamat (Johor).

The Brand, Capabilities & Reputation


As a listed company and index component stock in Bursa Malaysia, IOIPG possess strong financial backing and impeccable track earning records.

IOIPG has achieved revenue of RM1,907 million for the financial year ended 30 June 2015 which was 31.1% higher than FY2014 and Profit after tax (“PAT”) for the Group stood at RM900.6 million for FY2015.

IOIPG is also the recipient of the coveted 2015 The Edge top 10 Malaysia Top Property Developers Award, BCI Asia 2015 Top Ten Developers Awards, Asia Pacific Property Awards for Highly Commended High Rise Landscaped Architecture for Skyz Residence.

In short, your home investment with IOIPG is pretty safe.

And finally

We leave the review with a question to you.

With all the above, is Warisan Puteri a right ‘candidate’ to ‘migrate’?

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