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The first 6 months of 2016 has been challenging period for the property market where the transaction volume continued with its downward trend. And for the first time, the transaction value dropped steeper than the volume. According to report just released by NAPIC, the transaction volume and value dropped by 12.3% and 15.6% respectively to 163,528 and RM64.59billion. For some developers, it is a red flag for them to defer their launches with the concern the properties will not be well received.

However despite the sluggish property market, some developers are unduly concern and continue with the new launches. These developers knew the property market is a function of product, value, prices, location and demand. As long as they are delivering a house that meet the demand of buyers within the affordability range, the house itself will sell out eventually.

To recap IOI Properties (IOIP) has launched Warisan Puteri’s first phase named Evira in Oct.2015. During PROPCAFE’s visit couple of months ago, Evira already in advance stage of construction. PROPCAFE noticed that the second phase, Avista Warisan Puteri despite officially just launched in Sept.2016 (, the construction was already at advance stage.

For more information about Evira and Avista Warisan Puteri, readers can read the PROPCAFE Review in the link

Recently Avista Warisan Puteri show unit is opened to public for viewing and as part of coverage on booming South Klang Valley, PROPCAFE took the opportunity to check out Avista Warisan Puteri as well other township within the vicinity.

Avista Warisan Puteri


To recap, Avista Warisan Puteri is the 2nd phase of 202 acre FREEHOLD Warisan Puteri township. There are 182 units of typical 22X75 DSL in 17acre of land. Similarly to Evira, Avista Warisan Puteri is Individual title, Fenced and Guarded (FnG).  Each precinct is designed with single ingress and egress and upon Vacant Possession the Resident Association (RA) will be formed. RA will be responsible of getting approval from local authorities for building of guardhouse and fencing. RA will be responsible of the maintenance and services such as security.


Avista Warisan Puteri: Site Plan

Gated and Guarded (GNG) is probably the more popular acronym due to concern of security and many developers have make GnG as the signature concept of their township. However FnG has their merit. The maintenance cost is definitely more affordable as certain services such as rubbish collection,  up keeping of landscape and streets are handled by local authority where else residents will only be paying the security services for their precinct. Local authorities is also obliged to repair and re-tar roads which can be costly if solely borne by the residents.

On the other side of coin, law is quite vague on legality of FnG concept in individual title as well as control of public access in the precinct. However PROPCAFE thinks it is balancing act and therefore the importance of developer’s role in designing the precinct. For example the public playground and Paradise of Persia are located before the guardhouse to ensure that public could enjoy the amenities without compromising the security of the Precinct. Also there are no commercial shops, school, worship places within the precinct therefore public has no reason to enter the precinct unless for the purpose to visit the residents. Furthermore the precinct is designed with single ingress and egress with perimeter fencing and guardhouse for security and access control built by IOIP after CCC is obtained.

Back to Avista Warisan Puteri, the show unit has opened for viewing recently and kudos to IOIP, the actual product is resembling close to the artist impression.


Façade: Artist Impression to the Actual Product

Even the number of window panels and proportion seems to be accurate. The only visible different PROPCAFE found was the roof drain gutter which is not shown on artist impression.


Avista Warisan Puteri : Façade of Show Unit

Show Unit


One of the concern when PROPCAFE visited Evira was the size of the wet kitchen that is quite small despite the large built up. In Avista Warisan Puteri, IOIP has converted the utility as a wet kitchen and dry+wet kitchen space as enlarged dry kitchen. The result it has open up the space with a breakfast counter top.


Show Unit: Ground Floor


The master bedroom is adequately sized with ample size for dressing table, wardrobe and king size bed.


Show Unit: Master Bedroom


The other two bedrooms the layout is quite similar with Evira where you can put a Queen or double deck bed for your children.


Show Unit: First and Second Bedrooms

What PROPCAFE think the STAR of the show is the family area. It is not only about the space but the humongous 25 feet of ceiling volume available that allow your creativity (and what your pocket allow you) to do with the space.


Show Unit: Family Area on First Floor

In the show unit, developer illustrated what you can do with the space. For example you can build a small children playground. However for future family expansion or additional space, you can cover the whole family area to gain a whopping 200sqft of additional space. Indirectly, you are buying a Double Storey House with capability to be upgraded as future 2.5 storey house, gaining approximately 10% of additional built up.


Family Area: The versatility of the space


A person can stand comfortably with spare ceiling clearance



Despite not part of the approved submission plan to local authorities, as part of the security enhancement, SA briefed PROPCAFE that security fences will be installed at carpark rooftop on every alternate house to avoid crossing to neighbor.


Security Walls to be built on every alternate house (Design not finalized)

The first row of Avista Warisan Puteri with frontage facing the kawasan lapang with enjoy the fabulous theme landscape: Paradise of Persia


Kawasan Lapang soon will be landscaped with theme: Paradise of Persia

Construction Progress

The show house of Avista Warisan Puteri can be found at the actual site where actual construction progress for the entire project can be seen as well. PROPCAFE managed to walk around the site and from the observation, most external works related to the house itself already completed with some final finishing touch up and painting were required. Electric and water meter yet to be installed which is norm as these only will be installed just prior to Vacant Possession.

The roads need to be tarred and common area such as landscaped theme and playground yet ready. The perimeter fencing yet to be erected and guardhouse yet to be constructed. However from PROPCAFE understanding as per local authority guideline for FnG scheme these permanent structure can only be erected after the CCC is obtained and Vacant Possession is delivered. Therefore owners do not be surprise that perimeter fencing and guardhouse are not erected yet during key collection.  IOIP being the responsible developer will apply and getting the all the necessary approval on behalf of the owners from local authority. Upon obtaining the approval, IOIP undertake to build the perimeter fencing and guardhouse before handover to the appointed Residents Association (RA) by the owners.


Avista Warisan Puteri: Construction Progress of the Precinct

Comparison of Built Quality


Most of the time when we buy properties, we only consider about the location, concept, built up, façade and of course the price. But as saying the devil is in the details. The finer details can increase the cost quite substantial and along the way of renovation the cost will ballooned up fairly quickly. In PROPCAFE, we have visited hundreds of show gallery and units and able to differentiate construction method, quality of finishes (tiles, bathroom fittings, timber flooring) etc. For example, a common mistake that buyers make (or never bother to ask developer) is the structural design.

Some developers who opt for cheaper construction method will design the living and dining room with structural beam to distribute the load. A house design without the structural beam is more costly to build.

When the prospect buyers visited the mock up or the show unit, the beam is hidden by plaster ceiling or since it is just a mock up, the ID is without the beam. However when buyers get the key to their dream home, they will be disappointed to see the beam. The beam can be unsightly especially without the plaster ceiling. A sample photo below illustrate the beam can be as much as one feet depth and as a result if plaster ceiling is installed to cover the beam, the room’s ceiling height will be significantly reduced.

As a responsible developer, despite it cost more IOIP has designed the house without the structural beam and the end result – the space looks so much more pleasing! The buyers also can save the renovation cost without installing the plaster ceiling at living and dining area.


Quality of the bathrooms fittings, tiles seems to be above average. PROPCAFE has make comparison between Avista Warisan Puteri’s actual unit and one the show house at neighbouring township (Township ‘A’) for illustration.

First the bathroom fittings. In Avista Warisan Puteri, modern style fittings is selected with table top.


PROPCAFE like how it feel on the concrete imprint carporch. The floor felt grippy and not slippery at all.


PROPCAFE also like how IOIP being thoughtful and the drain gutter is tucked within the pillar. Aesthetically it looks tidier.


Decent quality decorated timber door and anodised aluminium frame for the sliding door.


In Avista Warisan Puteri, skirting is provided throughout the house including the staircase.


Allow the creativity juice guiding you what to do with 25 feet of ceiling height in Avista Warisan Puteri’s family area.


2’ X 2’ porcelain tiles provided in ground and first floor. PROPCAFE wishes IOIP would provide timber flooring on first floor which exude more class and suitable flooring for bedrooms.


The bathrooms are tiled to the full ceiling height.


Even store room and utility room are tiled with 2’ X 1’ porcelain tile!




Aerial View

One of the PROPCAFE’s latest hobby is drone. During the visit we flew the drone over Avista Warisan Puteri’s show unit as well as over the precinct for the aerial view. With the drone, PROPCAFE is able to share the overall construction progress of Avista Warisan Puteri. From the aerial view, the video slowly zoom into the show unit. Imagine you are driving into the spacious driveway.

With the video, readers are able to better visualization and appreciation on the functionality and practical layout.  the large window and 11 feet ceiling are accentuating the space when the sunlight was flooding in. Slowly the video moved up to the first floor where readers can appreciate what owners can do with 25ft ceiling height can do such as an attic. Finally the the video zoomed into the spacious master bedroom.

Hopefully PROPCAFE readers will enjoy viewing our first effort.


Despite not receiving the same attention as other established developers such as SPSetia and Ecoworld, over the years IOIP has built stream of loyal followers especially their launches in Puchong. IOIP is building their presence to be the choice developer among the house buyers in Sepang. IOIP has spare no effort to build quality house with decent price. And with ERL’s Salak Tinggi station just located 1km away, KL Sentral is just 25minutes away and with GDV RM10b Sunsuria City, there is no shortage of catalyst.

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  1. Propcafe you should invest one DJI OSMO 🙂

  2. agree with the comments that 1st floor should be laminated flooring instead of tiles.. lack of warmth and class in the bedrooms..l.

  3. imo laminated/vinyl may look the part but it isnt as durable or resilience compared to a ceramic/porcelain. In comparison, vinyl is cheaper than ceramic/porcelain tile so do expect the house to be priced reasonably as well if vinyl was used, unless actual timber (wood) was provided 🙂

  4. Hi, any updated on this project?

    1. Hi kikigui,
      As far as we know is already completed and handed over. You might want to check developer directly whether any unit left over. Who knows you might get lucky 🙂 Please visit

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