PROPCAFE Peek : Emerald Garden @ Rawang By Guocoland 中英产业评论

Emerald Garden is located in the new part of Rawang. It is apart from the congested Rawang old town that always have floods issues from time to time. If one were to drive from Damansara Toll or Duta toll to Rawang Toll it will takes you around merely 14 minutes from toll to toll using the North South Highway at 90km/hours. Once you come out from the Rawang toll the T junction right in front of you would separate the Rawang old town (right turning) and the Rawang New township ( left turning) from the T junctions.



想到万绕镇,或许有些投资者会裹足不前,皆因它的地理位置,其实万绕镇距离市中心不远,如从白沙罗收费站启程,仅需14分钟的车程。  另一个抗拒的理由是把它联想到之前的Bkt Beruntung 区,许多投资者焦头烂额,其实 BB 不属于万绕区域:万绕,士拉秧,双溪毛濡 属同一管理行政区,即鹅唛GOMBAK.

EG location


There are few new players in this Rawang township namely Guocoland, Hong Bee, Mah Sing, Country Heights, Glomac, and coming in the pipelines will be MRCB and Tan & Tan. The closest development to the Rawang toll would be the Guocoland/ Hong Bee enclave, with the new AEON shopping mall as the center of gravity in this new township. To investors, this is the enclaves that not to be missed if were to invest in this part of Rawang.

Guocoland, as the main player in this enclave with 1000 acres of land, split into Emerald East and Emerald West. The first phase of Emerald East,  Amethyst 1 (double storey terrace house BU 1500sqft) were sold at RM140k  in 2006, and was recently transacted at around RM450K, a handsome gain for invesors. Now Emerald East which is around 300 acres in total is fully developed and the remaining 700 acres of Emerald West is in the making.

除了Guocoland 以外,值得一提的是 Hong Bee 这个发展商,据笔者了解,后者是这片土地主,其拥有的土地不少于3000英亩, 大部分的Guocoland 发展计划都是和Hong Bee 地主合资的,前者负责策划,发展蓝图,建筑,销售; 后者则供应土地。互相呈现彼此的强项。

Hong Bee 除了发展  Anggun 1, 2 民宅之外,也着重于商业发展,据说 AEON 的购物商场是 HB 兴建的,然后出租给 AEON JUSCO 商场,签了20年的租约,其他商业发展包括正在兴建的100间店屋,商场,步行街,还有中型医院,还有驰名的国际学校  TENBY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

言归正传,让我们谈谈这个发展计划:Let’s look at the EG

1)       Low density – only 161 units in this Fenced and Guarded development, with perimeter fencing.

2)      3 types (2 storey or 2.5 storey superlinks), BU ranging from 3000sqft (2 storey) up to 4585 sqft (2.8 store)- yes, 2.8 storey, but Gu0coland market it as 2.5 storey, don’t know why? shd hav just round it up to become 3 storey.

3)      50 ft width frontage road and 40 ft back road in between rows of houses creating the spacious feel.  Landscaped greenery instead of paced back lanes.

4)      A private linear garden in the middle provides the landscaped walkway for residents.

5)      Fenceless concept.

6)      Rooftop terrace for Type A, and C. all units layouts comes with L Shape living room, master bedroom, so creating the “Semi D” feels with natural lights

7)      With the 26 ft width, and column free car pouch, 3 cars can be parked side-by-side.


EG 8

EG site plan

EG Floor plan









Conclusion:A good buy for upgraders who are looking for F&G or G&G for security reason in this vicinity. This development comes with amenties of shopping mall, chinese primary school SRJKC at the door steps, and 100 shophouses commercial in the making, plus Tenby International School, Columbia Hospital, good conection to KL City.

纵观以上的观点,笔者认为这万绕新城是个适合居住的社区,它距离市区不远,地点适中,也值得投资,增资的空间蛮大,如果说SETIA ALAM & BANDAR BOTANIC 逐渐取代巴生旧区,那笔者认为 Emerald/ Anggun 发展区将取代万绕旧区也不为过!!


12 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek : Emerald Garden @ Rawang By Guocoland 中英产业评论”

  1. Fenceless concept? Which part is fenceless for emerald garden?

    1. Each house has no fence, so need to take care of the own pets

  2. Do note that the proposed maintenance fee is very reasonable, like rm100 or less.
    No club amenities this project.

    1. Thanks for reminding, the RM100 monthly fee only for securtity and upkeep of landscaping. The developer is proposing a shared club house in Emerald West, on membership subscription basis. But it has been talking on it since the last 2 years, nothing being finalized.

  3. Lp, each home in eg comes w individual gate n fencing. I asked them b4.

  4. Linus u r right. Each house comes with gate.
    Misled by the artist impression drawings.

  5. I personally like those without gate…it ll be much spacious.

  6. Wow! What a hidden gem at this NEW Rawang! Really like it and nice design with rear linear garden and 26ft wide! Excellento!
    Without this review , really wont know got such at Rawang!
    Wondering how much during launching?
    and taiko when can have a lawatan sambil belajar there?

  7. will this EG be affected by the smell from the chic farm nearby? I remembered last weekend when i was there i did smell something but wasn’t aware of the farm. sometimes forum is very god source of info sharing. pls share ur experience if u r staying thr do u hv problem wt the farm n cement quarry?

    1. i do not stay there currently, but was told that the the chicken farm is near to Emerald East not Emerald West. EG is located at Emerald West.

  8. LP thx. I know whr EG located yes is some distance away but wind can bring smell from everywhere. Wondering will this going to be an issue, you know lah comes bird flu incident this farm are going to be an issue……..

  9. Who would know Emerald would go this far. I’d been hearing lots of negative comment on every development(you just name it…from BU in year 90’s, Kemuning Utama in year 2005 till Jade hills recently and surprisingly every township well accepted) Nevertheless the property’s price shoot up and the loser would be the negative thinker. Went there last May and found Emerald Gardens has a good concept among the rest. Bigger built up ( biggest in Rawang so far) and strategic location as well. Anyway, we must admit that HL Property / Hong Bee land did planned this township well.

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