PROPCAFE Review : G Residence @ Desa Pandan By Tan & Tan


G Residence is one of the PropCafe Editor’s Choice of Year 2012 in High Rise Category. Some of the readers have requested us to cover this project and also we found out there was an advertisement from Tan & Tan to sell the limited bumi released units. Since Propcafe has information in place, we decided to do a “fry cold rice” session here to re-introduce G Residence development.

Advertisement – Last Week (18/05/13)


G Residence is sitting at a 3.62 acres land in Desa Pandan which consists of 2 blocks (23 Storey) with a total of 474 units. There is also two floors of retail outlets (26 units with 60,000sf) underneath the residential units (see above).

G residence has a different entrance and access to the car park for residents to ensure the home-occupant’s privacy and security.

This project is all about Location, Location, Location.

Although it is a leasehold land, it is surrounded by the prestigious precincts. It is opposite U-Thant, few minutes away from Ampang Hillir and Ampang Embassy Row, and short distance to Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) & redevelopment site of Cochrance (with Ikea & Velocity are all set to develop there).


This location has a great accessible to many key roads in KL city center and highways including Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Ampang, Ampang KL Elevated Highway, Middle Ring Road 2 and etc. Apart from the short drive to KL golden triangle area, it can easily reach Kampung Pandan Round About, which can bring you to multiple key location like Sg Besi or Putrajaya/Cyberjaya (via MEX).

The google maps below provide more a clearer picture for the above description
G Resi Map 1

G Resi Map 2

The question now is, it is a great location at the moment, can it be better in future? Answer is, of course YES. If you see the unofficial Klang Valley Rail Transit Map or recent speculated MRT Circle lines, Jalan Ampang Hilir and Kampung Pandan MRT stations are part of the future lines. Ampang Hilir station “probably” is within walking distance but i doubt Kampung Pandan is. However, with the stations are around Desa Pandan, one will expect the surrounding commercial and property actitivies to bring the price of this area to another level.



Having said that, one shouldn’t over-rate the MRT impact which is still long long way to go and not to say the Circle Line which is the last lin to implement i.e. MRT3. We should think about more shorter horizion and the environment during the VP period. As mentioned earlier, without MRT, this place is more than ready to cater for different segments of residents given its Location x 3.

As it is so close to city centre, we do not need to mention about surrounding amentities (eg hospital, shopping malls, parks, eateries, outdoor activities and etc) because it is technical at the center of KL City!

Facade and Architectural Design

Tan & Tan had delayed to launch this project for so long even though information already available in its website since 2010. Many were waiting, waiting and waiting for the launch since then. Therefore, it is not surprise to see the facade a bit dated. However, some said it is acceptable and i would say it is “safe” and can be considered as “ever green” design. Let’s see what Tan & Tan is going to deliver.

Fronting the main road and Royal Selangor Golf Club/U-Thant




Entrance for residents which is at the back of the development

Scaled Model – View from different directions






Master Plan and View



This development comes with two blocks (A & B). Block A has a higher density than Block B (15 vs 9 units) due to the size of the units.

The Block A is the one that has a chance to peep the KLCC and face Royal Selangor Golf Club. As usual, with the best view the developer put the bigger size here for investors or ownstayers to pick. Majority of the units are Type A layout or bigger size. Bad thing is, it is facing West. Tough choice, isn’t it? Type A and bigger size (1,410sf to 1,640sf). The price starts from RM857k to RM1.005m (RM607psf up).

West View – Golf course and KLCC view.
West View

The Block A has another view which is the East view. It is the most popular one as majority are Type B the smallest units (1,076sf) with the price of RM610k up (RM567psf up). Every floor is about RM2 to 3k more expensive. The East view has a mountain view which also facing the school field/desa pandan.

East View

The majority of the Block B is Type A i.e. slightly bigger size which starts from 1.410sf up. It has two views – North and South View.

South View – This is a Desa Pandan view which is mainly the shoplots besides this project. Soon, this view with come with view of another residential project by the developer called Hua Yang (its website mentioned it will be the tallest building in Desa Pandan).
South view

The other side of Block B is facing Amping Hillir/ Royal Selangor Polo Club i.e. North View. It comes with Type A and C layout.
North View


Type A: 1,410 to 1,604 sf – RM857k to RM1.005m
type A

Type B: 1,076 to 1,292sf – RM610k to RM780k
type B

Type C: 1,539sf – RM929k to RM1.042m
Type c

Type D: 2,960sf – RM1.88m
Type d

Type E: 3,315sf – RM2.105m
Type e

The layout is pretty standard and practical. However, if you want to be choosy, then perhap you will expect Tan & Tan to come out a wider view from living hall. The additional family hall in Type A is a bit too small to convert to additional room (kid room maybe). With the size of 1,410sf and only 2 rooms, it may not fits the buyers’ appetitie. That’s why the buyers are more keen on Type B (Block A) which is more affordable (smallest size) and comes with the 2 rooms as well. I am not sure why Tan & Tan didn’t put in minimum 3 bedders for this project because it can surely fits the min. 1k sf size. Well, perhaps they think this project is for different segment where quantitive is less important than qualitive of living experience by having bigger living space and rooms.

The maintenance is currently set at 0.30 cents psf. No discount was given during launch last time! Tan & Tan, emmm… …

Retail Layout

retail ground

retails first

What’s more?

– 2 carparks
– Kitchen cabinet with hood and hob
– Air conditioners
– Water heater

Block A was totally sold out during first launch, the current limited units are mainly from Block B and Bumi released units which last heard are Type A – 1.4ksf – RM900k up. Heard the price (psf) remained the same as earliest launched. At the current market price, in term of psf, for this location and developer’s reputation, RM600psf should be seen as a GEM! Who know there is still good units left?


“Tan & Tan project hardly goes wrong.” Many Tan & Tan followers will tell you this if you ask them especially it was priced generously at RM570psf up. G Residence is targeting middle-upper class segment and expecting spillover of rental market from U-Thant and Ampang Hillir area. The facade is mediocre and the layout is a bit disappointed (surely many prefer more rooms for the size of 1ksf) but having said that, many would expect Tan & Tan will manage well the retails space there and add values to its residential units. The surrounding amentities are more than sufficient but there are mainly located at the shoplots. Many buyers believe the retails commercial space at G Residence, which only leased and managed by by Tan & Tan, will be more “upmarket” and serve the local community well.

Freebies – Kitchen, Hood, Hob and etc










Show Units Photos



G Res - Type B Living Dining2

G Res - Type B Living Dining1

G Res - Type B Kitchen

G Res - Type B Bedroom 2 Entrance

G Res - Type A Yard

G Res - Type A Master Bath

G Res - Type A Master2

G Res - Type A Living Dining2

G Res - Type A Living Dining1

G Res - Type A Foyer

G Res - Type A Family

G Res - Type A Bedroom 2

Latest progress from the site – May 2013
Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 3

Progress 4

Latest Progress from Site – Aug 2013



18 Replies to “PROPCAFE Review : G Residence @ Desa Pandan By Tan & Tan”

  1. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    Totally Agree with review above…
    Same like TnT previous projects such as 1Jelatek, Hampshire Park, Hamsphire Place etc, TnT emphasize on the space rather than cramp bedrooms into each unit… Unfortunately in our Property Market we emphasize value rather than lifestyle where we want more bedrooms for the same space…..
    For example a buyer or tenant will prefer to buy or rent a property with more rooms with similar size/price/rental….

  2. Propcafe team! Nice stuff u got there! I like the “Big Wok” shown in their show room.. it is as rare as this property! another sweet project by t&t

  3. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    T&T another proj besides Trillium will be launched soon. Not sure it ll be as sweet as G residence. Keke.

  4. Now looking back at id for the showroom hmmmmm… beh lou tou…..fits for tnt projects nia.

    I would stress that not all tnt projects made money.they only made money bcos of the bull run in real estate. Quote for example tanamera in subang jaya….it hardly break any bank for investors since vped in 2005-2009. Also their lishold porject in sg buloh.
    Was told that their latest launch – garden manor in sierremas hardly raises any eye rows.

    So we wait n see for their latest launch in jln tun razak.

  5. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Agreed that the show unit a bit dated in reno. Ha. They didnt spend much on the show units.

    Leaasehold proj at sg buloh? Their sierramas, sierramas west and garden manor all doing well, right? All are freehold. Other proj like Hampshire place etc are pretty well executed n performed better than the projs nearby too.

  6. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Heard there is 844k 1400sf unit available from bumi release units. The developer is nice that not increasing the price.. at sub 600psf n this location while other lousy loc also selling crazy psf..i think tjis left over units are gem for ownstayers especially. U just need turn the additional family area to 3rd bedroom (without window though). Psf wise, seriously it is underpriced at current mkt rate with this great loc n developer.

  7. I’m a sales agent for this project, Kindly contact me for those who are interested to the remaining release unit. Yes, price remain unchanged!

    Stephen 012-3553 294

  8. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Stephen, instead of just market here, is it possible to contribute more info here? Eg what is the lowest entry price now and the available type, units, facing, size etc? Thanks.

  9. 1410 sf. facing north and south. from 600psf.

  10. Avatar Propcafe Reader in KL says: Reply

    Stephen, why is it I called T&T directly and enquired about released bumi lots and they said it is not yet approved, and that I would have to be on a waiting list for this? Some clarification please? Thanks.

    1. Call me and I can get unit for you 🙂 Limited unit! have to be fast!

      Stephen 012-3553294

  11. After Trillion launched with High price, you all must be disappointed.
    But Good News for Whoever interested in 328 tun razak (next to trillion, tan&tan coming up project), please call me! I will SURPRISE you! 🙂 (Serious buyer only). 0123553294

  12. stephen, you have type B (1076 sqft) unit or not?
    price 610k which floor?
    leasehold how many years?

    1. habis dijual lah, george 🙂

  13. Avatar G Residence Vs Fennel?! says: Reply

    If YTL launches Fennel at 600psf, freehold and similar-size units (say 1400sf), compared to G Residence bumi-released units, which would be a better buy? Assuming still got leftover units for sale for both that is!

  14. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    G Residence is no frill product by T&T in established and mature neighbourhood. Even the LTAT apartments also well maintained. Where else Fennel is in Sentul, upcoming area. I will rate T&T as much established and well rounded developer compared with YTL.
    G Res as the rental potential is better in Desa Pandan rather than Sentul. However the potential of capital appreciation in Sentul East is higher with MRT plays, future developements will push up the price etc.

    1. Desa pandan for this year sudah 3 kali tiada air…

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