PROPCAFE Review : The Airie @ Bandar Sri Damansara By Loh & Loh

The Airie is a boutique landed development by Loh & Loh Development Sdn Bhd. It is the 3rd residential project that launched by the developer. It was launched in Dec 2010, their other project that have completed thus far are Riverview Kemensah at Taman Melawati, and Idaman Hill Phase 1 in Selayang. Loh & Loh was delisted from Bursa Malaysia back in 2009 and it is now owned by Petrol Saudi, managed by Loh family.

img099 revisits this project at this juncture because there are around 11 unsold units kept by the developers and these units will be up for sales in the following months, tentatively fixed at June 2013 next month.

As at to date, developer has not decided on how to conduct the sales of the said 11 available units, either by the way of balloting or on FCFS basis. The Airie is expected to be completed and VPed by Dec 2013.

Picture2 Picture1 1332494306 1332494327 1332494349

This project consists of 79 units in total (68 units of Semi Ds, 6 units of zero lots and 5 units of bungalows). The available units for sales could be summarised by the following table taken from the official KPKT website, the available units for sales are 6 units of SMDs, 2 units of Zero Lots and 3 units of Bungalows. The prices shown in the following table were the historical price back in 2010. The indicative price from the developer for the unsold Semi D unit is from 2.8mil.


(Sources: KPKT E-home’s website)

The table also indicates that most of the Chinese purchasers preferred Semi D instead of Zero Lot/Bungalow. Based on the reserved 11 units for sales and the 30% bumi quota allocation,  the developer has achieved 28% bumi quota as at to date. This means that the developer just need to sell 1 more unit to achieve its overall 30% bumi quota, whist the remaining 10 units can be sold to anyone without any 7% discount.

Types of Bungalow Unit


Types of Zero Lot Home


Types of Semi D


Semi D Type A Layout



Background of the development    

The development is conceptualised by award-winning Singaporean firm MKPL Architects Pte. Ltd. The landscape on the other hand is by Archimatrix Sdn Bhd. The location of this project is at Sri Damansara, bearing KL address but under MPPJ, Selangor. The project site is back to back with Rafflesia landed development by MK Land @ Damansara Perdana.

Both developments are built on the same hill, but different side of the hill. The other developments that located on the same hill including: Forest Hill and Empire Residence by MEH.

Garden Deck Views

IMAG4535 IMAG4534


IMG-20121210-WA0010 IMG-20121210-WA0006



Ample size of the Driving lanes at Ground Floor

IMG_0948 IMG_0949

Exterior Pics (Water features inside the house compound)

IMG-20121210-WA0012 IMG_0942

Interiors Pic (16 ft height ceiling)




Among all the projects, Rafflesia is the closest competitor. picks Rafflesia as a comparison because Rafflesia launched its Phase 3 when The Airie started to sells its units on Dec 2010. While Loh & Loh is now selling the its 11 reserved units, Rafflesia is launching its Phase 5 Semi D. The comparison could be summarised as follows:

Criteria Rafflesia The Airie Winner
Developer’s   Price as at Dec 2010 Phase   3 ( BU 3861sqft) from RM2.4mil Initial   Price, Semi D (BU 4000 sqft) from RM1.7mil Airie
Developer’s   Price as at May 2013 Phase   7 (BU 4300sqft) from RM3.8 mi   (with lift) RM2.8   mil Airie
Land   Tenure Leasehold Freehold Airie
Location Damansara   Perdana Address. If   your central of gravity is between the 2 tolls of LDP, then DP is the right   address for you. After   LDP toll.Closed   to DPC Rafflesia
Security Guarded   Only, No parameter fencing. Individual   Title Guarded   and Gated, Strata   Title Airie
Club   House No   Club House Full   club house facilities, 2 pools + gym. Airie
Other   Facilities Man   Made Lake No   Lake Rafflesia
Scale   of Development Bigger   Development, Phase 1- Phase 8, got price push factors Boutique   Development with only 79 units Rafflesia
Monthly   Maintenance Fee Below   RM300 (coz no club house and non GnG) From   RM800 Rafflesia
Workmanship Average Commendable   workmanship. Both Loh & Loh previous projects Riverview Kemensah and Idaman   Hill has obtained 77 and 78.1 CONQUAS Score. Airie
Façade,   overall concept Conventional   & Evergreen Modern   lifestyle, garden deck concept, 11   different facades but similar theme in 79 units Airie
Layout   for Semi D From 26 ft width, more generousPhase 5 comes with lift 23 ft width for Semi DNo lift Rafflesia
Density Higher   Density Lower   Density Airie

From the above summarised table, it seems that the Airie is a clear winner compared to Rafflesia.

If Reed, Setia Eco Glades, Temasya Glenmarie’s Citra, are the editors choice of best landed development for year 2012, perhaps, the Airie would be the one of the top 3 editors’ choice for landed development back in year 2011

Note: The developer is now upgrading and improving The Airie’s showroom at the project site, the showroom would be ready for viewing only by appointment.  The above pictures are contributed by a property agent who had visited the showroom which is currently under construction. We apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, we will update the better quality pictures when the opportunity arises.

11 Replies to “PROPCAFE Review : The Airie @ Bandar Sri Damansara By Loh & Loh”

  1. The pics dont do juatice to the units!
    The show bungalow unit is to die for, from entrance to the ‘foyer’ garden n water feature. The id rendered definitely sees beyond a 25′ wide house.

    But potential buyers need to be aware that this is a tight luxurious high end home….u will not get the spaciousness of a true bungalows.

    There is also constraint of car parking space (think 2 – 3 car parking spacing at most) at the “basement”. And difficult to visualise where yr guests would park their vehicles.

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    One needs to visit the show units to appreciate it. Unique development in town. And wish more like this ll b offered to the hungry buyers out there.

  3. I agree the above comments. One needs to see the showroom by own eyes to appreciate the feel of Airie.
    Hope the editors to update more pics soon

  4. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Aiyoyo, seems like you have visited the site and show units. Feel please to comment here and share your view on this project. Propcafe always like to hear more from readers.

  5. Very balance review. I had been to the actual site n showunit. what u see from the computer illustrated picture is what u get . the picure does not do.justification . Need to see the actual unit. it is far better than u can imagined . The true hidden gem at this part of world.. I m not sure when is the next time I can see such a good project again at this area. Well-done

  6. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    I personally quite like Phase 6 The Park @Rafflesia which starts from 2.55mil. The facade is quite modern and it is nearer to the lake as well. See$$$$/#m2

    Phase 7 The Hill@Rafflesia also launched recently but i m not sure abt the pricing.

    1. Avatar Kopi O Peng says: Reply

      The phase 6 price RM2.55 mil was 1 year old. The advertisement was dated June 2012. Now price already gone up a lot.

      1. Avatar Kopi O Peng says: Reply

        The phase 6 price gone up to 3.6mil, last unit sold out 2 months ago.
        Now they all lauching the parcel b The hill from RM3.8mil

  7. the airie is great development -fren is letting go due to work relocation..she just put it on the market..her unit has some unique features that will appeal to many..unfortunately i cant afford it myself otherwise..

    1. This is a fantastic development indeed, freehold, low profie boutique development, Dsara address. and it stands out from the crowds

  8. Any interested buyer/tenant can call this number, 013-5013028, I am one of the proud owners in The Airie.

    For rent, partially furnished available including Air-Con, Build in wardobe, kitchen cabinet, lighting, and curtain. Also for sales, whichever come first. Owner direct.

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