PROPCAFE Review : Pavilion @ Bandar Puteri Puchong By IOI Properties

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong


Of names, brands or whatever you call it

What strikes you when you hear Pavilion from our Klang Valley folks. Most will return with ahhh, that’s the downtown city centre Bukit Bintang upmarket jam packed mall, ‘there got’ Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Panerai…..

In Wiki: “In architecture a pavilion (from French pavillon, from Latin papilio) primary has two meanings.

Pavilion can refer to a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, or within a compound, typically whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure.”


Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong

Sat on the epicenter of Bandar Puteri Puchong, Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is THE Pavilion OF PUCHONG.

“Live above all”, Pavilion is the iconic residence of leisure, relaxation, pleasure in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The Location


IOI’s Bandar Puteri Puchong Township

Before we go in the details of the development, let us share more on the location of Bandar Puteri Puchong. Bandar Puteri Puchong needs little introduction, it is one of brand defining and signature township development by IOI Properties Group Berhad (‘IOIP’).

Nestled along one of the busiest highway in Malaysia, LDP, Bandar Puteri Puchong is the ‘Optimus Prime’ of the ‘Puchong Transformers’, opps, we mean Puchong real estate. Exaggerating? Let us substantiate it.


Normally we would list down what are amenities is nearby and so on forth.

Now you people tell us, what sort of amenities Bandar Puteri Puchong or Puchong ‘don’t have’???

There you go, if you insist!

Schools:  SJK (C) Kheng Chee, SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft, SJK (C) Han Ming, SJK (C) Sin Ming, Sunway International School, Taylor’s International SchoolRafflesia International School

Shopping Malls: IOI Mall Shopping Centre, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Sunway Shopping Centre, Giant & Tesco Puchong

Banking needs: OCBC, BOC, CITIBANK, Alliance Bank, Maybank, Standard Chartered, CIMB Islamic, Ambank

Hospitals: COLUMBIA Asia Hospital, Kajang Plaza Medical Centre, Sunway Medical Centre

Highways: LDP Highway, Bukit Jalil Highway, KESAS Highway, MEX Highway, ELITE Highway via LDP, SKVE Expressway via LDP, Federal Highway via LDP

Public Transportation: LRT Bandar Puteri Station, LRT Perindustrian Puchong, Rapid bus services

Accessibility and Future Infrastructures


Bandar Puteri Puchong LDP Interchange Upgrade Free Flow Interchange without Traffic Light at LDP

This is something the residents of Bandar Puteri Puchong can look forward in future.

We hear from reliable source that the current LDP interchange will be upgraded to free flow interchange without traffic light to make way to seamless flow to and from LDP. The access roads in Bandar Puteri Puchong will be widened to 3 lanes carriage way each way. The prospective owners of Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong can look forward to a better access within the Bandar Puteri Puchong Township in future.

7 Highways

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is accessible to 7 major highways in Klang Valley namely LDP Highway , Bukit Jalil Highway, Kesas Highway, MEX Highway via Kesas, ELITE Highway via LDP, NPE via LDP, federal highway via LDP.

As you can see, LDP is one of the most connected highways in Klang Valley. One of the drawbacks of having LDP its main access is JAM X 3.

LDP is often labelled as of the major highway in Klang valley with high volume of traffic plying the golden mile of Puchong. We often see slow moving traffic to LDP from Bandar Puteri Puchong during rush hours.

LRT is coming, LRT is coming, LRT is coming to Town

We hear these cries since years ago and finally we see light at the end of the tunnel. Bandar Puteri LRT station and Perindustrian Puchong LRT station are presently in advanced construction progress and scheduled to be completed in 2016. Residents in Bandar Puteri Puchong can look forward to an alternative mode of transportation going forward.

The Masterplan


Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong sits on a 5.6 acres freehold commercial land, it is the latest IOIP showcase of Integrated Lifestyle Development with concept “Live-Play & Work-Play Balance” Lifestyle with 3 components (i) Residences (ii) Shop Retail & (iii) Offices.

The Theme – The contemporary development is inspired by the philosophy of balanced healthy living   for all 3 generations, creating the perfect platform for the whole family to bond with each other.

The Concept – Inspired by movement and dynamism incorporating a series of pavilion architectural elements. The balconies feature interplay of walls at alternate floors as a pavilion façade treatment. Over 90% of the tower blocks are designed with North-South orientation with residence units enjoys unblocked view.

Green Feature – Design with ‘Semi-D’ concept complimented with lush 7ft height glass window façade and 8ft height sliding door for natural lighting and promote good cross-ventilation for every unit in the development promotes a sustainable design practice.

The development mix consists of

  • Residential: Service apartments (606 units from 983 sq.ft to 1256 sq.ft)
  • Pavilion Xchange: 101 units of retail /office suites

The focus this review will be on the residential service apartments.


Development details

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong consists of 2 towers, Tower A – 284 units with 30 storey high, Tower B – 322 units with 33 storey high. Car park are designated at LG, Level 1 to Level 4, and finally lifestyle facilities podium at Level 5. There are 3 types of layouts for consideration:







Unit Floor plan review


There are 2 wings in each floor and each wing consists of 5 units separate by the common lift. Each wing is made up of 2 units of type A/C and 3 units of type B.

There are 4 lifts serving in each tower, Tower A will have lift serving ratios of 71 units per lift while Tower B will have approximately 81 units per lift, pretty respectable ratio we would say.

The density for residential component is quite decent at 109 units per acre when it is benchmarked with mid-tier MK condos.

Type A/C

Measured at 1256 sqft, both types are configured as 3 bedder and 2 bathrooms. There isn’t much difference in terms of layout for type A and C. Type C comes with balcony while Type A is without balcony.

Type A and C come with good sized bedrooms and very practical layout.

The size of the balcony is approximately 36 sqft, balcony or not, choice is yours.

Type B

This is a smaller version of 3 bedder and 2 bathrooms without balcony.

Careful thoughts are given to these layouts, basically these layout configurations are very practical and optimised for space utilisation, as they liveable spaces are ‘squarish’ we expect them to be widely accepted.


We feel that perhaps type A/C can pack in maid room/study and maid toilet.

Placement of the common toilet for all unit type is towards the ‘inner part’ of the residence, in between the 2nd & 3rd bedroom, whereby it is only accessible via both 2nd & 3rd bedroom.

This may not too convenient to guests during day time.

On the contrary, how often do we have guests coming for visit, and wouldn’t the inner placement convenient to the home owner, this is debatable!

Let’s not drill so much on toilet affairs, that’s nature calls after all, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Let’s look at the BIGGER PICTURE!

Semi-D in the Sky

We observe that not all units are ‘semi-d’ per say, at least not for unit 2 & unit 9, they look more of like ‘links’, however all the units are corner unit, those who look for privacy this feature would be a plus point.

Views & Orientation


View wise, you will be pretty much able to enjoy unblocked view if you are going for mid-high floor unit.  This is mainly due to Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is located in the central of Bandar Puteri Puchong that is predominantly surrounded by quaint and mature landed houses as well as low to mid rise apartment & condos.

We would say the east orientated unit would be likely to enjoy brisk take up, as it enjoy the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. North facing would be favorable as well as it enjoys the Petaling Jaya skyline view, while south facing unit would also likely do well as it has its traditional staunch supporters

Facilities Deck The Pavilion


Located in the 5th floor of the development, the facilities deck is packed with the following fun fill features for both the young and adult.

The Active Pavilion is made up of half Basketball Court, Multipurpose Court and the Look Out Pavilion and The Garden.

The Lagoon Pavilion consists of Forum Pavilion (Multipurpose Hall) Lily Pad, Yoga Deck, Gym, Mini Theatre & Changing Room, Swimming Pool, Cabana, Submerged Pool Loungers, Kid’s Pool, Pool Jacuzzi, Tea & BBQ Terrace

For the younger ones the facilities deck is equipped with Kid Explore Pavilion, it consists of signature Forest Play-House and outdoor camping side for kids to break free and exploring outdoor activities in the safe environment.

le_pavillion_bandar_puteri_puchong_Facilities Highlight_cr

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong Signature Feature – The Sky Pavilion

Trending now in modern and upmarket condo developments are the ‘facilities in the air or sky decks‘, at Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong it did few steps further with its development signature, The Sky Pavilion, there are slightly less than a dozen of them.

There are 4 Sky Pavilions in Tower A and 6 Sky Pavilions in Tower B – 6, carefully designed and crafted for residents’ relaxation and rejuvenation.

There are sky pavilions dedicated to adult and kid on both Tower A and Tower B. The adult residents can relax, unwind and rejuvenate at Chill Out Lab and Sky Lounge – an entertainment area located at Level 26 and Level 27 of Tower A and at Level 29 and Level 30 of Tower B. While for kids, they can enjoy an interactive area with play role activities set-up to stimulate their mind at Play Lab and Reading Pavilion located at Level 25 and Level 26 of Tower A and Level 28 and Level 29 of Tower B.

It is worth to note that there are special additional sky lounges available for Tower B in Level 21 & Level 22, a unique selling point for Tower B owners.


le_pavillion_bandar_puteri_puchong_Sky Pavillion

Other features – 4 Tier security and HSB ready

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong features 4 tier security:

1. With round the clock manned guardhouse, security control room and 24 hour security guards. Vehicle entrance with separate in/out lanes for residential and visitor, boom gates monitored by CCTV.

2. Ingress/egress at podium car park monitored by CCTV.

3. Restricted and controlled residential access lift lobbies area and lifts with access card to dedicated floor.

4. Digital locks door system (secured by password or access card at unit main door), intercom system and panic button link to guard house.

Commercial elements and Pavilion Xchange

Do you know that Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is located walking distance with the Cube Bandar Puteri Puchong? The Cube also houses Starbucks Coffee and McDonald’s.

Pretty cool huh, that you can just take a stroll for a sip of coffee at one of Klang Valley biggest Starbuck outlet.


Pavilion Xchange

Pavilion Xchange is a 135 meter wide street frontage stretches across the busy dual carriageway of Lebuh Puteri. On Level 1-3, you will find lifestyle retail cum office spaces. We expect these shops will attract businesses to set up shops here due to high traffic exposure.

With these future residents of Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong will expect so enjoy commercial amenities with a short stroll from residence.

Show Flat Review 983 sqft Unit



What we have been observing and this is a real plus point, IOIP has always ensured that there is show unit for all its launches, no exception to Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong!

To developer, this is a showcase of commitment and consistency of IOIP brand to customer.

To customer, this is an assurance of the key furnishing and fittings as well as a preview of the look and feel of their future property.

What we like:  Layout is good and versatile for young family, well-known brand are used for toilet fittings, shower screens are given, designer toilet setting, the ceiling height at 3.3m, or approximately 11ft, yard, 3 air conditioners are provided

What we don’t like: Tile orientation for living room, no laminated flooring or timber flooring for bedroom, for 3rd room is small and air conditioner is not provided, why? There is no fitted kitchen cabinet provided however, we understand the developer is giving RM18,000 furniture package upon VP for house owners furnishing needs. So 4D, melamine, island, peninsular, solid surface or conventional concrete top, it will be the house owners’ call.

Important Future Catalyst

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is literally the next big thing in Puchong, and it has its self to thank for, located just a stone throw away from the widely anticipated mega mix development, IOI RIO City, Bandar Puteri Puchong.  Okay, take a deep breath ‘KEEP CALM AND READ ON!”.


Do you have any idea what IOI RIO City is all about and how would it impact Bandar Puteri Puchong Township?

RIO stands for Rejuvenated, Innovative and Original, IOI RIO City is a 72-acre metropolis consisting of secure work spaces, retail offerings, hotel and residences.

IOI RIO City will be a planned lively mixed-use district that based on sustainable concepts. It is an attractive choice for major community events in & around Bandar Puteri Puchong with its water promenade, hip attractions & vibrant public spaces walkable & cycle-friendly spaces amongst leafy streetscapes and lush open spaces.


Integrated Township in the making

IOI RIO City will integrate LRT stations with pedestrian network and other transport modes – bicycles, cars and pedestrian paths, shaded walks– underground and above ground & at street level with dedicated bicycle paths

Streets that connect a network of parks, open spaces, playgrounds, or similarly known as park connector in Singapore.

Imagine this, rail, sustainable transportations, recreational park, waterway, commercials precincts with a neighborhood mall, integrated with residential element.

IOI RIO City will be a complete sustainable township and Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong will stand to gain all, given that its location located strategically next to IOI RIO City.

New Development Comparisons

Developer Development Built Up (sqft) Appr PSF
Malton The Park Residence 800-1200 700-770
I&P 8 Kinrara 600-1300 600-620
IOI Skyz Residences 1200-1700 600-650

Subsales Market Information

Developer Development Built Up (sqft) Appr PSF
SP Setia Setia Walk 1100 600-650
SP Setia Trigon 600-1700 650-750
IOI Skypod Residences 600-1200 600-700

Price Analysis

TYPE B – 983 SQ.FT, 3 ROOMS 2 BATHS start from RM604,300

TYPE A/C – 1,256 SQ.FT, 3 ROOMS 2 BATHS starts from RM748,000

Maintenance is expected to be approximately RM0.35psf

If we look solely at price point analysis, Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong definitely presents a very interesting proposition to investor and potential owner.

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is priced fairly given the prevalent market price.

Depending on what hat you are wearing, donning an investor hat, type B will be a good investment option, as it a smaller 3 bedder packed under 1000 sqft with 2 car parks, would likely to return with higher rental yield given a smaller quantum of capital requirement.

While for home owner, type A/C would a sound decision, we reckon the spacious layout configuration can be pretty comfortable to own stay for those who wants some extra space.

We understand that there are some very interesting financing packages offered by the developer, do visit IOI Sales Galleria at Bandar Puteri Puchong for more information.

The developer & IOI Brand

IOI Properties Group Logo

Led by the industry stalwart Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng and his experienced lieutenants,  IOIP team is backed by the wealth of 30+ year experience in property and real estate development.

IOIP’s track record has been impeccable. It has been tested with time, over and over again for the past 30+ year and it has been consistent, meeting the financial, internal and external stakeholders’ expectations.

IOIP is a trusted household brand in Malaysia, it has always able to deliver what it has envisioned.

This is critical for would be house owners as property purchase is a major financial commitment as it would be wise to have your investment entrusted to a reputable developer like IOIP.

An Award Winning Developer

IOIP received various recognition from industry accolades, the group is the recipient of the coveted 2014 The Edge top 10 Malaysia Top Property Developers Award, BCI Asia 2015 Top Ten Developers Awards, Asia Pacific Property Awards for Highly Commended High Rise Landscaped Architecture for Skyz Residence.

Local and overseas projects

Group also has operations in Singapore and Xiamen, the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), among others, second Xiamen venture, IOI Palm City is integrated development consisting of shopping malls, boutique office, hotel and residential components.

In Singapore, IOIP’s iconic South Beach development in Singapore, a joint venture with City Developments Limited, is also progressing well and is currently 55% completed. The development which was designed by Foster+Partners, will comprise residential, office and retail space. It will also have a 654-room hotel which will offer a revolutionary design concept by renowned creative designer Philippe Starck.


PROPCAFE verdict

Here is Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong checkbox:

Location, tick

Price, tick

Product design and features tick

Investment, tick

Palatable for future upgraders, tick

Ride on IOI RIO City integrated township as catalyst and unique selling point, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Next question, how many units to book?

Nah, we, at PROPCAFE normally do not issue buy, sell, hold calls, but Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong is definitely one of the strong contender for PROPCAFE Editors’ choice for FY2015.

IOI RIO City Master Plan (2015)

Le Pavillion IOI Rio City Puchong Scale Model 01

Le Pavillion IOI Rio City Puchong Scale Model 02

Le Pavillion IOI Rio City Puchong Scale Model 03

Le Pavillion IOI Rio City Puchong Scale Model 04

Le Pavillion IOI Rio City Puchong Scale Model 05

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong Scale Model Picture Gallery

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 01

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 02 Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 03

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 04

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 05

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 06

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 07

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 08

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 09

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 10

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 11

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 12

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 13

Le Pavillion Puchong Scale Model 14

Pavilion Bandar Puteri Puchong Show Unit Picture Gallery (Type B – 983sf)

Le Pavillion Puchong 01

Le Pavillion Puchong 02

Le Pavillion Puchong 03

Le Pavillion Puchong 04

Le Pavillion Puchong 05

Le Pavillion Puchong 06

Le Pavillion Puchong 07

Le Pavillion Puchong 08

Le Pavillion Puchong 09


Le Pavillion Puchong 10

Le Pavillion Puchong 11

Le Pavillion Puchong 12




Le Pavillion Puchong 13

Le Pavillion Puchong 14

Le Pavillion Puchong 15

Le Pavillion Puchong 16

7 Replies to “PROPCAFE Review : Pavilion @ Bandar Puteri Puchong By IOI Properties”

  1. Thanks for the great details of info shared. You mentioned there is commercial units for this project. Can you share the price and details layout of this shops retails at le pavillion?
    What about the car park? Visitors and those retails customers where do they park their car? looking at the masterplan seems like no space to park. Later become another double triple park area. Anyway appreciate if you share the commercial info. I am interested. Thanks

  2. Thanks for commenting mybez

    The retail lot, we understand is priced from RM600psf+. They are sold separately by strata unit basis, the lot size would be approximately 22ftx60+ft

    Visitor of Le Pavillion Xchange will have access to the carpark lot in front of the retail unit, or alternative can park on Ground floor of Le Pavillion.

    While residents’ car park will occupy floors level beyond ground.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Do you think the commercial is doable given long term since we now commercial is more to long term investment. How many car parks are allocated to the visitors to those retails?

  3. Hi mybenz you seems to be very keen on this project.

    On commercial perspective, Le Pavillion Xchange has good exposure with the frontage of Lebuh Puteri

    However, one would require to evaluate other existing commercial properties in Bandar Puteri Puchong area present competition, business space requirement, commanding rates so on so forth.

    Put yourself into the shoes of shoppers, what sort of crowd will frequent to a multi storey, commercials lots at Le Pavilllion Xchange?

    Back to your your question, there are couple dozen of carpark allocation in the front of the ground floor retail lot, and we also understand that LG, G will be dedicated to commercial lots visitors while residence will be allocated 1-4 of the multistory carpark.

  4. i think is a very good for own stay. The product concept and design also I quite like it. Slightly better than those mid end condo, i think. Not fancy too high end or too low end either. Density is just nice and freehold sitting on a piece of primeland. The price is acceptable for me for the location. I like the location as is near to the commercial of the cube where the McD and starbucks is there. if these two retails are there how wrong can it goes? Aside of that, near to the hospital and also bandar puteri puchong for me although has to drive. Hopefully the construction of RIO city will not have much noise on the Le Pavillion and I would prefer my home not so near to the LRT yet not too far.. 1km approximately just nice. IOI is giving such a good rebate, I think is good for those looking to buy a new home or looking for upgrade

  5. As the on going building process of the residential block like 24/7 can be seen, the front row shop is almost completed and owner are expected to get their key very soon. The only problem of Bandar Puteri, if it has not surface yet, then it will soon be expose. Which is the poorly planned road/ route along Bandar Puteri. Even now, peoples tend to make illegal U-Turn at the traffic light infront of IOI Galleria or go further down, to do U-Turn legally after the Petronas station to rejoin LDP. What if there is more peoples to crowd the places, busier road later? Whether it is setup a new traffic light or build a new flyover (unlikely, but it is a must if RIO City is going to happen), it will also bring problems to the resident in Bdr Puteri for now.

  6. Notice: Upgrading Road Works At Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange Please be informed that we will be upgrading the Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange in order to enhance the traffic flow. We will be carrying out a series of work over 2 phases. For any latest updates, kindly visit For any further inquiry, kindly call 03-8064 8833 or email us at

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