PROPCAFE™ Diary: Are Eko Cheras Residential Towers ready for vacant possession in February?

PROPCAFE has been talking about Eko Cheras Residential units since couple of years ago. Last weekend, by seeing the readiness of lobby and dropoff area, it seems like the vacant possession is not too far away!

The round/oval fountain which sits in the middle of private dropoff area between Tower J and H is there to see!

Residential Drop Off Area
Oval Fountain

Apparently both Towers have its own small guardhouse near the ramp down to the residential carpark area. The raw “unfinished” ceiling with the modern and simple lightings are surprisingly matched!

Modern Lighting with Raw Ceiling Design. What say you?

Guardhouse near to the entrance of carpark zone

Good width of carpark ramp spotted!

Ramp to and from the residential carpark zone

The entrance of residential lobby is ready!

Entrance Signage of Tower J
Toward Entrance of Tower J
Tower H Entrance Signage

Entrance door with access card. Yup, before the letter box area. Opps, disappointment from airbnb operators?

Entrance door to small residential lobby

The waiting area is rather small. Ok, noted that different tower still has its own entrance and lobby. One thing the developer must do is to furnish it and make it a small lounge. Calling developer……

Unfurnished Waiting Area

The lift lobby is IMPRESSIVE! Only if you can take raw food, ha. Seriously the basket raw industry look is so IN! OMG, one of the best! But some will say one of the worst! So, let’s wait for the extreme feedback! Ha…….

Holy cow! This is so….cool!?
Two side of lift lobby with total of six lifts
Wow, what else to say?

Lastly, let’s zoom into the lift itself. Oh my, yes, the steel frame is rusted, even the floor indicator on top! It will be the most instagramable residential block in town! 

Rusty Lift! Design at its best!

PROPCAFE loves the raw design idea and efforts from developer, but not all will appreciate it. For sure, Eko Cheras Residential will be stuck in between Love it or Hate it situation. Ha. Sometimes, it just need to be unique in this challenging time to gain the support of niche segment, someone who appreciate art and design. 

You have to give credit to Ekovest. Most of the  time, residential component in an integrated development will not get large dropoff area with fountain and its residential entrance of lobby will either stuck at the side or back of the development unnoticed (good for privacy but hard to find sometimes). The separate lobby and carpark entrance for each tower also a plus point to spread out the crowds and cut down the lift waiting time.

You have yet to see all! Stay tuned, PROPCAFE will bring you a full PROPCAFE 360 Degree View on Residential Tower soon! Leave your message here and share your thought about the concept above! 

Till then, Happy Hunting! And Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Eko Cheras Mall

Unlike PROPCAFE Review, PROPCAFE Diary is the new series from PROPCAFE to have a quick sharing of property related topics that comes with a short write-up to update our followers on the latest property info in town!

8 Replies to “PROPCAFE™ Diary: Are Eko Cheras Residential Towers ready for vacant possession in February?”

  1. Wow this is extreme. Simply HATE it! Lol

  2. dislike it ,
    looks very cheapskate witth the basket hanging there for what ?
    omg , looks like unfinished job for at the lift area… omg omg omg ….
    trying to be industrial but looks like job half done…
    failing BIG time..
    still got plenty of room for improvement : from UNfinished to Finished….

  3. Sometime i feels like the design are incomplete in certain way…rusty material, that means doesnt need to maintenance in the future when the steel are rusting…LOL.

    Anyway the impression are positive though but that basket….

    For investment/short term stay = yes
    For own stay/family = no

  4. visited it yeaterday. Quite like it…yet to complete the touching work….so should be better later. Overall concept is really industrial and the lightings are nicely done. Something new and fresh rather than the same o same o lobby and design. The mall is the same, it is very common in other countries to use same concept..probably still new to msian.

  5. Look more like resident evil when u decide to reach home in the wee hour…first impression may be good to some, but how long can it last for the resident there

  6. Theres a fine line between going industrial-esque minimalist and plain laziness… the exposed rust if kept will be a hazard… otherwise, design wise it looks unique, execution wise.. not so much… much room for improvement…

  7. Thanks for the comments! Hope developer is following us ha. So recommendation here can all take into their consideration. The building is not complete yet and many touch up will take place for sure. Like the lift itself, you may also realise the protective sticker is still there. Let’s see how it goes! PROPCAFE would not jump the gun to say it is great or bad yet till we see the final product, which will be soon! Appreciate all views here 👍👍👍. More please!!!

  8. Just out of curiosity, would you know when the rooms would be ready for airbnb?

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