PROPCAFE™ Review: Par 3 @ IOI Resort City By IOI Properties

PROPCAFE has covered many IOI PROPERTIES projects over the years but this time PROPCAFE needs to complete the mission to figure out more on the Premium behind the latest IOI’s Signature Homes – Par 3.

This SIGNATURE series, which is categorised as the most Premium series in IOI products, offers 207 units of Condominiums and 18 units of Condo Villa on 2.89 acres freehold land in IOI Resort City.

Keeping abreast with latest market trend where products are categorised by series to have distinctive differentiation, IOI has come out with 3 product series- Classic, Vogue and Signature. Some of the examples are as follow:

Series Property Description Township
IOI Classic Evira – 2S terrace house 22’ X 75’ Warisan Puteri
IOI Vogue Avens – 2S terrace house 22’ X 75’ 16 Sierra
Avista – 2S terrace house 22’ X 75’ Warisan Puteri
IOI Signature Dumalis – 2S & 3S superlink 24’ X80’ 16 Sierra
Sierra 6 – 2S & 3S superlink 27’ X 73’ 16 Sierra
Par 3 Condo IOI Resort City Dining Area
Par 3 Condo IOI Resort City Dining Area

The product is differentiated by concept, quality of materials such as sanitary fittings and tiles, ceiling heights, sizes of land and built up etc. For example, Evira is the first phase of Warisan Puteri and falls under Classic Series by IOI Properties.

The built up is spacious from 2,121 sqft (Refer to link here ) however the architectural is slightly inferior compared to other series. For example, a noticeably beam across the living & dining area at ground floor and no double volume in family area at first floor.

Where else compared to Avista, the ceiling at ground floor is clean line without any obstruction and a humongous 20ft of ceiling height at family area at first floor. It is not surprising as Evira is a bread and butter product offering by IOI Properties.

Product like Sierra 6, the signature series oozing premium such as super wide terrace link 27’ with built up from 2,798sqft.  The superlink terrace house also offers same concept, large windows and high ceiling to enhance natural sunlight and ventilation.

Not only that, solar hot water system is installed to reduce electricity consumption for bathing and washing usage.

With this, Par 3 @ IOI Resort City is the latest premium product offered by IOI Properties under Signature Series.

Par 3 – Premium x 3?

PROPCAFE made a deep dive into Par3 to understand the Premium attached to this residential titled (rare nowadays!) SIGNATURE homes. What so luxury on this SIGNATURE homes?

Interestingly, IOI Properties did pay attention to details on this project! Based on master plan of IOI Resort City, Par 3’s location is definitely one of the best. It is the nearest (400 meter away) high-rise to the IOI City Mall in the entire IOI Resort City so far.

What’s more? It also comes with the lowest density and absolute number of units compared to others. The best is, both sides of the building enjoy fantastic golf course view! It does not end here, more additional “premium” has been discovered in Par 3 and will be shared in this article.

Par 3 IOI Resort City

The project plan of Par 3 shows IOI Properties did not compromise the commitment on Signature series. Instead of squeezing in another block of condominium, 18 luxury condo villa are offered to the buyers.

It is rare in current market offering due to relatively thin profit margin. PROPCAFE witnessed developer turned bungalow lot/parcel into condominium, not to say such reasonably size of land with great views.

Par 3 will be assessed under QLASSIC that measures and evaluates the workmanship quality of a building construction work based on Construction Industry Standard. Although Par 3 is just recently previewed, works has been in advance stage.

Knowing IOI Properties, owners will never be late to get their key. With no exception on Par 3, this project is scheduled to complete in Q1 of 2019.

Concept and Facade

It is not difficult to recognise Par 3 has the nicest façade in the existing offerings if you are familiar with IOI Resort City. The air conditioner ledge is carefully hidden behind the unit to maintain the aesthetic look of Par 3.

The pocket gardens on alternate floor also make the building less monotonous and bring additional common space for the “premium” residents and to provide natural ventilation and lighting to each floor.

More and large window also makes Par 3 more “glassy” than other current residential buildings. As for the Condo Villa, the façade resemble a neat and elegant townhouse design. Due to its low density, the units at the ground floor are having “extra garden” at the back of the unit!

If IOI Properties can deliver the entrance statement/guardhouse and grand lobby/waiting area shown in the artist impression, Par 3 will certain standout from the rest of building here.

Par 3 IOI Resort City Facade
Par 3 IOI Resort City Facade

Despite all the units are in North or South orientation without any direct facing of East or West Sun, the various angle of fins of the facades in this 31 storey building is designed to provide shades without obstruction to the view.

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Security and Facilities

Par 3 comes with 4-Tier Security features  – CCTV surveillance at guardhouse with intercom and central monitoring system, CCTV in the lift/lift lobby, card access control at lift, and digital lock-set at each unit’s main door entrance.

Unlike most condos where only one egress is provided for visitors and residents, IOI Properties spares no effort in this Signature product. 2 egresses are provided to ensure smooth traffic in and out from the guardhouse.

To provide further peace of mind to the residents, a video intercom systems with panic button linked to the Guard house will be built in to every unit in Par 3.

2 ingresses and 2 egresses are provided in Par 3’s entrance

Facilities and Communal Area

When we have a banter with the salesperson about the inspiration of the communal area, IOI Properties has been generous to share the architect inspiration on a sketch where the facilities are planned with “kampong” concept.

“At the podium which is the heart of habitat, infinity pools, as well as an array of facilities are also incorporated into the design. In addition, the surbubs living also comes with Herbs garden, steam room and facilities that promote pleasant community environment.”

The double volume facility floor offers extensive facilities with the consideration for all age group of residents. For unconventional aqua gym and reflexology terrace will be perfect for elderly to have less hectic gym activities and the reading lab, game room and wading pool are great for kids. The adult can enjoy the spa pool, tea lounge and mini theater and host parties at the mezzanine floor. See the rest of facilities below.

This building includes three basement level and four level of elevated car park. 20% of the total carpark bays will be reserved for visitor parking and a minimum of 2 car park bays are given to each unit.

For owner who wish to have more car parking space, selected units at the higher floors the car parking bays provided will allow to park up to 4 cars. For those who need more car parking bays, premium price of high floor could be all well paid, together with its majestic view.

As the condo villa, the owner of the ground floor unit has a great privilege where its car parking bay is right at your doorstep, while upper floor units will be allocated with car parking bay at a short distance away.

Shaded carpark for the exclusive 18 units condo villa

Floor Plan and Unit Layout

You may see 8 units are residing in each floor of Par 3, but a closer look shows that the floor is split into two block by the service area. It means each block only has four units which sharing two lifts. In total 207units are sharing 4 passenger lifts and 1 cargo lift which in PROPCAFE’s opinion is  quite generous with ratio of 52units/ lift.

The bigger size type of 1636sf/1668sf units are designed as the “bungalow” in the sky and the rest (with built-up of 1324sf) are the “Semi-D” to provide the exclusivity and justify the price tag of Par 3.

The Type A/A1 (BU: 1636/1668sf) designed with an efficient horizontal layout to capture the natural lighting fully for dining, living and master bedroom.  This four bedroom unit comes with 3 bathroom.

However, the layout shows the guests may need to go through the bedroom four to access the bathroom. This issue could be resolved by opening up the bedroom for the concept of open study room/tea lounge (as in show unit) if one is willing to sacrifice the guest/fourth room.

Recognizing the different needs, the developer is flexible and willing to accommodate the request from buyers if they wish to remove a portion of wall (not those shear wall) and convert it to open space.

Par 3 IOI Resort City

Not only that, the door line (between yard and wet kitchen) is removed and the depth of structural column is reduced to 350mm to create seamless space between wet kitchen and yard, and therefore a bigger wet kitchen.

Par 3 IOI Resort City

Please speak to the friendly Salesperson about it and being the Signature series, IOI Properties is more than willing to listen and try to accommodate your needs.

There is no such problem for Type B (BU: 1324sf). This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom unit has a bigger foyer and better bedroom setting for room 2 with more natural lighting.

However, the vertical layout of master bedroom may not be as flexible as early type in terms of furniture placement. Bedroom 3 may only fit a single bed. Both types include dry and wet kitchen. Type B combines Wet kitchen with yard together creating a seamless space.

Par 3 IOI Resort City

Condo villa has a relatively bigger built up (Type C1/C2 – 2217-2250sf; Type D1/D2 – 1647sf) compares to condominium. This 3 storey building has 6 units per floor but the design of access and lift (2 units to share 1 lift) means it is almost a private lift concept to keep the privacy as priority for residents of condo villa.

With all bungalows units are not for sale, if you want to get a piece of landed property in IOI Resort City, this condo villa probably is the closest you can get, especially the ground floor units!

The layouts are well designed to cater for 3 bedrooms usage with additional powder given. The developer also smartly split the unit of type D1/D2/C2 into two “cluster” and include the window near the foyer to invite more sunlight into the unit to resolve the common issue of longish vertical layout.

Type Size, sqft Configuration No. of Unit Orientation
A 1636 4 beds + 3 bathrooms 52 North
A1 1668 4 beds + 3 bathrooms 52 South
B 1324 3 beds + 3 bathrooms 103 South & North
C1/C1a 2217 3 beds + 4 bathrooms 3 South
C2/C2a 2250 3 beds + 4 bathrooms 3 South
D1/2 1647 3 beds + 3 bathrooms 8 South
D1a/D2a 1722 3 beds + 3 bathrooms 4 South

360 Degree View

Here comes the best part of Par 3, its fantastic view! Both sides of the building are having the great view of golf course. PROPCAFE here shares the view from equivalent height of 15th floor of Par 3.

For the direct view towards IOI City Mall, it comes with the combination of golf view with skyscrapers! In fact, the lower floor of Par 3 could be value for money which has a better golf course view than high floor units as only relatively smaller parcel of golf course sits in this view.

View at 31st Floor
View at 15th Floor
View at 31st Floor
View at 15th Floor

Pricing & Maintenance Fee

Par 3 condominium’s pricing starts from RM898k or from 658psf. The incremental pricing for every floor is about RM3k whereby different premium of RM18k for the (Type A1) unit comes with a balcony and RM8K for unit with a common landscape deck adjacent to it.

The price of Condo Villa starts from RM1.28m for type D1 1647sqft. With the nearest neighbour Puteri Palma (phase 1 & 2 more than 10 years old) pricing now ranged from RM480psf-620psf with similar size, on paper this premium Par 3 does not seems too premium at all if one values its concept, facilities, exclusively and density.

Due to low density of the project, the maintenance fee is expected at RM0.40psf inclusive the sinking fund.

Finishes and Show Unit – Type A

From the show unit and specification, PROPCAFE observed a better finishing materials are given to Signature series Homes. Buyers are expected to be given better brands of sanitary ware, flooring, heater, electronics items like Hood & Hob, air conditioner and etc.

The relatively higher ceiling of 11ft (3,300mm) also create additional cubic space for the unit. The other freebies includes water heaters, hob & hood, shower screens, air conditioners, digital lockset. Timber and engineered laminated flooring is provided for Condo Villa and condominium unit respectively.

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The wall at bedroom 4 is removed to create open space used as lounge or study area

Comparison with Neighbourhood

A PROPCAFE review will not complete without analysis of comparison with neighbouring development…

Name Type of Development Total Units Built Up, sqft Price, RM psf
Puteri Palma Condominium 608 1200-1800 480-620
Clio Service Apartment 234 872 – 26units




Approx 600
Conezion Mixed Development 1326 780/783-304units




For readers who want unobstructed golf view and exclusivity, their choice will be the 10 years old Puteri Palma or this Par 3. Clio and Conezion are catered for couple or young family due to the smaller sizes therefore the serviced and mixed concept with office and retails underneath the development.

Par 3 Condo IOI Resort City Living Hall


On a first glance, Par 3 is priced at premium where it is unheard to hear the condominium is priced closed to RM1million+ at this part of Klang Valley where house buyers wouldn’t mind to prefer to fork out this amount of money in Country Heights Kajang or JadeHills.

However nothing compared to living within golf course and the view is simply majestic and breathtaking.

Par 3 is not about the condo but it is riding on the IOI Resort City where IOI City Regional Mega Mall is coming up nicely with phase 2 coming soon. Also with all the infrastructure in place such as dedicated access, 5 Star Hotel, Grade A offices (Read it more here), Par 3 probably will be the destined as preferred address in the future.

In short, there are not many properties come with walking distance to both regional mall and golf course, or should I say none other than Par 3 in IOI Resort City?

Happy hunting for your home, folks!

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