PROPCAFE™ Review: Cyberjaya Revisit @ The “Mist” Over Cyberjaya

Being born in end of baby boomers or some said early Gen Y, landed properties are almost a given to many of us, especially those who are not the local in Kuala Lumpur. If you are at the same boat with me, you would have also witnessed the evolution of acceptance of living from landed to highrise. However, many Gen Y still love the convenience of staying at landed with the car porch right in front for the ease of going out and at the same time prefer to be living in guarded and gated environment to ensure the family safety, and nice landscape and facilities for kids to roam around and adults for a walk (ya, to destress). Sound a bit demanding? Well, if you can afford, why not? That’s why PROPCAFE recently covered more landed properties, since it is not as affordable like last time, we better know more about the values that property can deliver so that informed decision can be made.

This time, PROPCAFE revisits Cyberjaya which the master plan only gazetted about 3,000+ landed properties. This limited supplies in future shows the important to have a share now than future. While Cyberjaya will be filled with thousands of highrise units, landed will be the gem in Cyberjaya in years to come. For this, we paid a visit at the site of Sejati Residences recently, the project that has been in PROPCAFE’s to-be-reviewed list for a long time after our extensive coverage for Setia Eco Glades and Lake Point Residences previously. This visit has also prompted us to re-assess the Cyberjaya township as a whole which have changed significantly since our first review – “Cyberjaya @ Love it or Hate it” (

Cyberjaya Scenic View – Wonderful Drone Work by Handinugraha

For the buyers who can afford the landed properties in Cyberjaya, the hurdle is always not the price and property itself but the doubt of Cyberjaya’s future. Many still think to reside in Cyberjaya is tough.  This “mist” over Cyberjaya is always the Perception.

First, Oh it is suburb and far!

Let’s assume the time spend to KLCC (as a guide and point of reference) based on off-peak period since peak period is really hard to estimate and varies all the time. Do you know the distance from Setia Walk Mall in Puchong to Suria KLCC is about 28km and it will take you 40-45mins? From Putra Height to Suria KLCC, you would also need to drive 33km for approximate 40-45min to reach the destination. From the point of Ara Damansara Medical Centre to the same destination, you needs minimum 35-40mins of traveling time (26km). Even from Subang Jaya’s DaMen Mall to KLCC Park, it will take you 35-40mins too with a 28km journey.

How about living in city centre? Cheras Leisure Mall is only 12km away from Suria KLCC but it would cost you at least 30mins to reach there before you can shop at KLCC. Tropical Medical Centre in Kota Damansara to “Twin Jagung” is 22km (Petaling Jaya is not so near either, right?) and you still have to spend the same travelling time of 30-35mins to Suria KLCC during off period.

With the opening of new Cyberjaya interchange to Lingkaran Putrajaya in 2016, the distance from Cyberjaya CBD (MDec/D’Pulze) to KLCC is now shorten to about 32km via MEX highway, with approximate 30-35mins (off peak).

Wait a second! We just mentioned Puchong/ Ara Damansara still take you about 30km and 30-40mins to go the heart of Kuala Lumpur, right? And those perceived live near to the city like Cheras or Petaling Jaya would take similar time to reach Suria KLCC too. So, do you get it now?

Well, KLCC is an easy reference point and we cannot cover all different point of reference here, but google map can always help!

Second, No much choices of eateries!

Four years ago, when PROPCAFE first written about Cyberjaya (The Article: Cyberjaya @ Love It or Hate It), this is the deal breaker to many potential own-stayers. Fast forward now 2017, it is a totally different scenario. You wouldn’t believe it until you act! “Act what”? Please search whatever food you fancy in Google. “Vietnamese, Balinese, Japanese, Asian, Chinese, ‘Mamak’, ‘Tai Chow’, Western, Middle Eastern, Myburgerlab, McDonalds’, KFC, Mixed Rice (Chap Fan) and etc in Cyberjaya. You will know that your perception may need to change now. Also, you won’t believe how many nice cafes are now around in Cyberjaya (till you search) to chill and enjoy time with families and friends.

One of the problems in Cyberjaya is the buildings and shops are scattering around i.e. not centralised like other township (except nearby D’Pulze mall), you may need Waze to lead you there if you are not yet a Cyberian! And, yes, weekend food choices may reduce easily 30 percent as some stores are targeting only workers in Cyberjaya. Well, it can only be better when more residential properties completed with the increase of “locals” here. However, to many, weekend maybe a better time to travel a bit more to Dengkil, Puchong, Kajang etc for your authentic favourite foods, which is the common activities for Malaysian.

Sejati Residences @ Cyberjaya By Paramount Property
Sejati Residences @ Cyberjaya By Paramount Property

Third, Lack of entertainment!

It was the real issue few years back. Come on, now tell me what you want for entertainment. 😉 SPA & Massage, Karaoke, Bowling, Cinema, Archery, Golf, Indoor or outdoor football/basketball, Go-kart, Resort and etc. Seriously, many have been deceived by the scene when one just drives around Cyberjaya. Time to search and go rather than just drive and drive. Oh ya, you may try to have a day staycation at one of its kind Dash Box hotel to enjoy the wet and water activities with your family.

Fourth, Cyberjaya is hot and badly need a nice centralised site or mall to hang out, with all needs within one roof!

The opening of D’Pulze two years back has changed the shopping experience in Cyberjaya for workers and residents here. It is a fairly busy mall during weekend and has all your needs to shop or do grocery activities with families and friends. There are also few more small scaled commercial retail spaces in Shaftbury, and GEMS to complement the other needs for residents and workers in Cyberjaya. Again, Cyberjaya will never in static mode. The soon to be completed SkyPark mall, Tamarind Square, and Centrus will bring more choices to Cyberian. Alright, the question now has turned from “No Mall?” to “Would it be too many?”

Sejati Residences @ Cyberjaya
Sejati Residences @ Cyberjaya

Fifth, Cyberjaya has all type of schools but no Chinese school for my kids!

Cyberjaya is famous for having many universities and colleges but it is more than just for university students. It hosts all type of primary and secondary schools, from government, international, local & foreign boarding, vision (Wawasan) school to even islamic childcare centre. What is the highest demand’s school in local scene nowadays, especially to Malaysian Chinese? Surely, SRJK(c)! Yes, SRJK(c) Union, which classified as Smart School with its start-of-art facility, opens its door in 2018 (see progress below). To PROPCAFE, we see SRJK(c) Union as one of the key catalysts to bring more young families to Cyberjaya, from the over-crowded old townships nearby like Puchong, Kajang, Seri Kembangan, and etc. Imagine the time and money you can save on kids’ routine to/from school. And your grown up kids may not even need a school bus or yourself as they could safely walk/cycle back home in Cyberjaya like what we used to do in old days! It would solve all the headache from parents. Yes, education planning always play a very important part to own-stayers when they are considering the place to call HOME.

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Sixth, what’s make Cyberjaya so special? How could Cyberjaya lure me to sacrifice the matured amenities that I am enjoying now?

Head up to see each traffic light and surrounding in Cyberjaya. You will see the CCTV are around you. Yes, Cyberjaya comes with integrated Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS) and 999-CCTV (closed-circuit television) system. Under the safe environment, Cyberjaya is also the cyclist’s heaven as it comes with dedicated bicycle lanes in the township! What more for green lover? 30% of 7000 acres of Cyberjaya is reserved as green lung. You can have scenic view at the lakes and parks like Cyberjaya Lake Gardens and Cyberjaya Lakeside (link to Putrajaya lake). The Cyberjaya’s Low Carbon City Framework ( will further impress you if you want to know more about the green and clean vision here. Lastly, if one loves something unconventional like Cruise, WaterSki, wakeboard and hot air balloon, short drive to Putrajaya will easily satisfy you. Huge regional mall and indoor theme park? IOI City Mall at the border of Putrajaya will occupy your whole day. What else to “shoot” on Cyberjaya? Healthcare? On top of existing healthcare centre and Putrajaya hospital, the first Cyberjaya government hospital has been firmed up and now in tendering stage.

Absolute Beauty – Cyberjaya Lake Garden (Fantastic Job by Razak Abdullah)

The above are all about the Cyberjaya “now”. How about the game changer or the next big things in future? PROPCAFE always love to look into the future prospect and catalysts to evaluate the potential capital appreciation in any township development, so stay tuned! It will cover under our next review of Sejati Residences @ Cyberjaya.

Still hate Cyberjaya? Nevermind, you always have other choices in Klang Valley. For those who love it, enjoy your stay in Cyberjaya!

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