PROPCAFE™ Review: SouthLink @ Bangsar South by UOA


Finally we come to the development itself, Southlink! For overview of Bangsar South, readers is recommended to read it here PROPCAFE™ Review : Bangsar South @ Kuala Lumpur for the full appreciation of what the township can offer. Similarly to township such as DPC, you are not just buy a standalone condo. The price you are paying will attach to the how well the township is planned with its dedicated access/exit, amenities such as mall, hospital, school, restaurants, security, linkage to public transport and of course commitment of the developer.

For those who are familiar with UOA, they are reliable developer who always completes the project ahead of time. PROPCAFE™ never heard so far any of the delayed project OR buyers compensated with LAD. In other words, they are Monoland 2.0. The workmanship is decent and seldom any complaint. Then again… the development lack of any WOW effect and usually is just run-of-the-mill. Even selection of finishes such as tiles and laminated flooring not differs from one project from another where we will touch more on this later.

Located on 2.39acre of Freehold land that recently purchased from YNH for RM81million, The 52 storeys SINGLE BLOCK L Shape Southlink consists of whopping 1,422 units where the density comes around 595units/acre. On first glance the density seems overwhelming and with 32units/floor, the concern is merited. The fear of overcrowd, lack of privacy due to number of units/floor, more cars will pile in to the already well known traffic issue in Bangsar South. For investors, the sheer number of units upon VP can be a nightmare and bloodbath will be expected during VP.  Tenants and subsale purchasers will hunt for the best deal and desperate owners may found themselves at the other end of bargain with buyers have plenty of options.

A fair comparison will be with studio dominant projects like Summer Suites with 877units on 1.65acre which works to be 531units/acre. The next door SouthView with 1204units on 2.13acre is with 565units/acre where else Novum is 729units on 3acres with 243units/acre. Despite 67% of the total units consist of studios and 1+1 bedrooms and another 28% are 2 bedrooms, the high density of Southlink is still a major concern.

To mitigate the issue … Similarly to SouthView UOA has smartly divide Southlink to low and high zone. The low zone is from level 9-23A and sharing 5+1 lifts where high zone is from level 25-52 sharing 6+1 lifts. This arrangement is much better because it reduce the frequency of stopping and therefore the shorter waiting time for the lift as well as the ride. With total number of 11+2 lifts the lift ratio worked to be 130units/lift. SouthView comparatively has better ratio however readers have to bear in mind that in SouthView there are only 228units (19% of total units) are 1+1 bedrooms with balance of units are 2 or 3 bedrooms. PROPCAFE™ also random picked few other projects, TR@ Jalan Tun Razak with 107units/lift with only 8% of total units are 1 bedrooms and SouthBrooks has 115units/lift however majority of the units are with >1,000sqft.

Development Total Lift Units/Lift Ratio Remarks
SouthLInk 11 + 2 130 The ratio exclude service lift
SouthView 14 + 2 86
TR Residence 4+2 107 Service lift double as passenger lift
Southbrook 6+2 115

PROPCAFE™ think that the lifts ratio is sufficient however will be interesting to listen to feedback from Southview owners especially with low & high zone arrangement to reduce the waiting time.


Southlink is sandwiched in between SouthView and Novum. However there is a piece of empty land in between Southlink and Novum where PROPCAFE™ couldn’t verify any development order already obtained for that piece of land.


Location of Southlink

Southlink site aerial view from Bangsar South

And this is the drone image showing the site condition.

Drone shot Site of Southlink

Despite the Federal Highway frontage, this part of Bangsar South is more secluded and away from the Bangsar South hustle and bustle at Jalan Kerinchi stretch. To go to Southlink you can bypass the Jalan Kerinchi via the alternate access on Jalan Kerinci Kiri.

Personally PROPCAFE™ prefer the residential component in this part than Park Residences unless the convenience of amenities within the doorstep at Bangsar South Nexus is the priority. Then again KLGateway mall is just across the door and when KLGateway premium residences completed, the mall will be pedestrian friendly access.

Façade and Facilities

Nothing to be shout about the façade where UOA is always play safe. Just look at SouthView. For the uninitiated, they will think this is a medium cost apartment. Little they know SouthView was selling from RM750psf in 2013. Excellent location no doubt but the facade from UOA is always a let down. We yet to mention about the landscaping at common area…

SouthView End Product

So far no scale model available in the sales gallery however the artist impression as per below. On first glance, do not expect any wow factor from UOA. And given the density… the expectation should be kept to minimum. Then again for the buyers they should know what they are buying and keep their expectation realistic. For sexy development, buyers should look into project by YTLLand such as The Capers and The Fennels in Sentul East.

Artist Impression of SouthLink

However PROPCAFE™ notice aesthetic improvement compared for with SouthView. PROPCAFE™ noticed large window with two panels used throughout the bedrooms where in the previous launch like SouthView, only single panel window.

Actual product in Southview window versus show unit of SouthLink

PROPCAFE™ think that the L shape Southlink with the double panel window quite resembling Desa Green @ Taman Desa which also developed by UOA. Coincidentally Desa Green also a very high density project.

Desa Green @ Taman Desa

The glassy balcony and larger window in Southlink should make Southlink looks classier. PROPCAFE™ is looking forward to check out the scale model once it is available in the sales gallery.

As for facilities, all are located on 8th floor and no rooftop facilities which associated with modern living condominium.. Bummer…… the facilities is kept to basic where 25m of swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, playground and BBQ area are offered. No fancy fancy and pretty no frill facilities. On positive note, the basic facilities will keep the maintenance fee low and Salesperson quoted RM0.275psf (inclusive sinking fund) which mean anything <500sqft will cost less than RM135!! For owners this is music in the ears. How many times we always complain about the high maintenance fee to upkeep all the facilities. There is no more excuses not to pay the maintenance fee.

Facilities Plan at 8th floor

Again the expectation shall be kept to the minimum the landscaping to the bare. No SekSan landscaping or ID landscape.

The facilities deck at SouthView

Artist Impression of Southlink Residential Drop Off Area

Unlike Southview which is a pure residential, Southlink will be a mix where there will be 2 storeys of retails to serve the needs of residents (and neighbour).

To improve the privacy of residents, separate ingress and egress for commercial and residential.

Southlink Residential Traffic Flow

Do notice the proposed link bridge to Southview where if the link bridge built from Southview to KLGW Mall, Southlink will have direct access to KLGW Mall and University LRT Station


Southlink Commercial Traffic Flow

There are 2.5 storeys basement parking for the conveniences of Southlink commercial visitors. For residential component, each unit will be entitled of a floating carpark. For more information, please consult UOA Salesperson.

Layout and Facing

The layouts in Southlink has been designed as compact as possible where studio starts from 450sqft and UOA has manage to squeeze 1+1 bedroom in 491sqft. You have to pay a visit to UOA sales Gallery to see it and believe it where the space is decent for single professionals or DINKs. A young family with one kid probably is pushing it too much with the +1 space possible to be converted to a kid room. The living is bit narrow with only 8.5ft width where single piece of L shape sofa can be fitted in. A small dining table can be joint to the dry kitchen to maximize the space utilization. Nevertheless the master bedroom size is decent and can fit a King size bed with wardrobe. The bathroom is quite spacious with dual entries so that the guests do not need to pass through bedroom to use it. And most surprise is UOA able to boot in a standing size balcony for a fresh air or smoking.

Low Floor Zone Floorplan Layout

High Floor Zone Floorplan Layout



SouthLink Unit Layout

As mentioned earlier, 2/3 out of the total units are studio and 1+1 configuration with another 28% are 2 bedrooms configuration. This make the development extremely investor product due to compact size and affordable pricing where even the highest floor for 1+1 bedroom 491sqft still cost less than RM400K. We will look in next chapter why we think the absolute price point is extremely attractive.

Balance 5% of the total units are 3 bedrooms configuration.

Type Size Configuration Total Units
A 450~553 Studio 176
B 491~639 1+1 bedrooms 786
C 593~919 2 bedrooms 220
D & F 723~859 2+1 bedrooms 196
E 823~1141 3 bedrooms 44
Total 1422


The South direction will command premium due to unobstructed view to Bangsar South/School direction. For the North direction, as long as the clear the SoutPoint (hotel developed by UOA in between SouthLink and Federal Highway), the owners will enjoy unobstructed view to Menara Telecom. These will be the most premium direction.

For west direction it will be facing the SouthView and above 46Th floor, the west direction will have clear view however with direct west sun.

For the east direction, the view will blocked by Novum and interestingly the development planning for the piece of empty land between Novum and Southlink is unknown therefore owners will never know when it is going to be built and or how high and any obstruction. The unobstructed high floor east direction overlooking Novum (and future development on the empty land) will have majestic KL skyline view.

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Facing and View on High Floor

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Facing and View on Mid Floor

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Facing and View on Low Floor

Obviously the fan of pool view will choose lowest possible North and West direction to enjoy the pool view not only from SouthLInk but SouthView as well. If you would like to take a risk, east direction will have fantastic KL City Skyline (if unobstructed). If you want a safe view, south direction or north direction (only above Southpoint) will be your best bet.

Show Units and Free Fittings

UOA is famous for giving a bare units without any kitchen, aircon or water heater. However for SouthLink, UOA has been pretty generous (for their standard) and giving a kitchen fitted with Hood & Hob, Aircon for Living and Bedrooms and Water heater for bathroom. And even the water heater, it is storage type and not instant type water heater.

And not only that, comparing the actual end product Southview and show unit for SouthLink, the type & colour of laminated wood flooring both are exactly the same!

For the benefit of the readers, below is the random photos of the showunits. There are two types – Type B 491sqft and E 823sqft.

Southlink Type B Show Unit

Southlink Type E Show Unit

Walkability to LRT Station

Currently the comfortable walking path from Southlink to LRT is the Kerinchi LRT Station via the elevated link across the Federal Highway. The distance is approximately 650m which take about 10 minute walk where half of walk is uncovered from Southlink to the entrance of elevated link.

Wiki distance to Kerinchi LRT Station

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The walking from Southlink to  Kerinchi LRT stations.

The current walk looping Kerinchi Residensi to the University LRT Station is much further and not comfortable due to the distance, uphill walking as well as uncovered walkway. However PROPCAFE™ was told that the first 3 floors under the KL Gateway Premium Residensi is a mall which will be linked to the existing KLGW mall. Therefore residents can cross the Jalan Kerinchi Kiri and use the “shortcut” via kLGW Mall where the walk is more comfortable due to aircon inside the mall.

Wiki distance to University LRT Station

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Photo – The walk across the KLGW central park to


PROPCAFE™ will validate this when Premium Residences is VP-ed.

PROPCAFE™ recognize the distance to LRT is not exactly ideal as walking under the sun or rain can be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore the distance to LRT station (depends on University or Kerinchi LRT station) can be 500-600m away. 10minute walk is pretty acceptable nowadays however in PROPCAFE™ opinion, it is not the distance or the time but the comfort and safety. The path shall be covered from rain and shine and patrol shall be carried regularly to ensure no petty crimes. There shouldn’t be any blind spot where people can hide.


Now coming to the interesting part. There are many concern of supply in Bangsar South and to certain extend, it does has a merit. It was reported in TheEdge Oct.2016 that close to 60% or 4,567units from the accumulative units in Bangsar South (not include Southlink) which was below 1,000sqft.


Existing and upcoming supply in Bangsar South (exclude Southlink)

From the figure, more than 3000units are new supply that will be contributed by Novum, KL Gateway and SouthView. The table below is showing the some of the information of completed and under construction in Bangsar South. However, these supplies are VP-ed not in the same time. KLGW residential is VP-ed in 2016 where Southview VP just handover recently. KLGW premium residential is at advance stage of construction and should be handover in early 2018. Between 2018 and 2021, only Novum and Bon Estate are expected to be VP-ed.

Bangsar South Development Supply

Bangsar South Development Supply

With the gradual handover of these units spread over 3-4 years, PROPCAFE™ think the supply in Bangsar South should be well absorbed by demand due to the public transport connectivity, ready pool of tenants within Bangsar South and easy access of the highways. And this should bode well with SouthLink where the expected VP is in end of 2021.

And regardless above, PROPCAFE™ think the supply of affordable and compact units of SouthLink will be well absorbed by the market due primary reason is LRT connectivity. If you follow the line of LRT between Asia Jaya and KLCC where most of the commercial activities are concentrated in KLEC, Midvalley, KL Sentral, Masjid Jamek, Dang Wangi and KLCC you will notice the limited development within the walking distance to LRT station. And it is even more limited development with studios and compact size residential in this development.

For the benefit of the readers, PROPCAFE™ has list the development and highlighted which development with studio and compact size residential.

Development along Kelana Jaya LRT Line

From the observation of table above, the closest development to be compared with SouthLInk are Pinnacles and Summer Suites however these are not pure residential development. KL Gateway which located on top of the mall offers the conveniences of mall at comfort and doorstep however for the same size, 520sqft in KLGateway only offer a studio where you can get 1+1 bedrooms in SouthLink. A 520sqft studio in KLGW was sold from RM900psf by developer in 2013.

And if you probe research further, a sub RM400k product is even rarer act current market price. For the benefit of the readers, PROPCAFE™ has compiled some of the randomly chosen development along Kelana Jaya LRT Line between Asia Jaya and KLCC Station.

Sample of Development along Kelana Jaya LRT Line

Looking at above table, with exception of Maytower where the market price is RM325K for 351sqft studio, it is close to impossible to find any property priced at below RM400K at these location. A studio in leasehold Gaya Bangsar is transacted close to RM650,000 and new launch Sentral Suites 1 bedroom 650sqft is priced from RM720,000. Even The Pinnacles PJ when it was launched in 2013, the studio office suites was priced at >RM300K for a 350sqft.

It is very interesting to study the supply of each development and readers are encouraged to study each of them before making a investment decision whether SouthLink will be standout among the crowds during the VP. The combination of public transport connectivity with ready tenant catchment within Bangsar South and along Kelana Jaya LRT line, prime Bangsar South address, affordable absolute price and efficient layout has make this Southlink one of the standout projects in KL.


Since our last visit to the UOA Sales Office, PROPCAFE has received few update or details which not finalised earlier. For example, the completion period for Southlink is 4.5 years from SPA date which is even longer than SouthView…. At 52 storeys and being the highest building so far in Bangsar South, this is understandable will take longer time to finish the construction for Southlink. On top of that, UOA needs to construct 2.5 storeys of commercial basement parking where underground work usually will take quite sometimes.

Another interesting point for buyers who are looking for unobstructed view, the west, south and north are the best bet… Diagram below illustrating the level where it will clear the neighbour Southview and Southpoint….

Disclaimer: Prospect buyers to use the info at own risk.



PROPCAFE™ didn’t go into all the bolts and nuts of the development as PROPCAFE™ believe UOA salesperson can do the job. No perfect project and PROPCAFE™ strongly believe all the pro and cons shall be analysed and depends on which side of coins you strongly believe on. To finish off this review, PROPCAFE™would like to quote this.

Hopefully readers can tremendous benefit from it. If you think anyone else could benefit from this, please share this article (It is free anyway) and please LIKE our Facebook page. Your support will motivate us to bring the best property review for all PROPCAFE™ readers.

Happy Investing Folks!

8 Replies to “PROPCAFE™ Review: SouthLink @ Bangsar South by UOA”

  1. Good analysis, a quick comment for developments along KJ LRT Line between Asia Jaya and KLCC Station, on Bangsar LRT, there is another bridge linked development call the Establishment which is expected to VP in a month or two. It is really a stone throw away from the station, with less than 200m walking distance on the sheltered and guarded bridge from the station to Establishment. The size of the units also fits into your analysis, 450sqft – 800sqft. I may be wrong but from observations travelling on the LRT line, the Establishment currently holds the “unofficial” record for having the closest linked high rise development to an KJ line LRT station.

    1. Thanks for the feedback bigballs. Indeed The Establishment is one of the better linked development to Kelana Jaya LRT Line. Will update the table. However it is worth to highlight when the project is launched in 2013 the selling price starts from slight below RM1k psf for units with undesirable view. Aside the LRT link the biggest advantage of this project is the association with hotel operator Alila… However location is on brickfields side and IMO it is not only at wrong side of the road but the accessibility & surrounding is a big concern.

  2. Fair comments on the accessibility and location of Establishment, my observations were merely on the proximity of the residential developments to LRT line. The property indeed is an interesting one, as it is marketed as Bangsar, while its located at the border of Bangsar and Brickfields with the advantage of having a direct link to the Bangsar LRT station, I guess thats why they think its appropriate to be marketed as Bangsar, still its much more closer to Bangsar than the much hyped Bangsar South :p

    Recent developments linking the old run down buildings at Jln Ang Seng may turn this area around earlier than expected

  3. Thanks Propcafe for the follow up and update on this development. The latest update has provided investor with better insight on this property. It will be better if more information on 24 hours housekeeping services by Southpoint hotel is highlighted as well. All the hard work and efforts are appreciated. Thanks!

  4. This has been the most comprehensive, detailed and honest review I’ve ever come across on South Link. Thank you for putting so much effort, painstakingly in coming up such a great article that would be able to provide buyers a better, 2nd thought of fresh perspective. Kudos!

    1. Propcafe strive to provide balanced views to our readers in order for making informed decision. Glad that you benefit from this blog. Please share this blog with your friends and follow our Facebook for the latest updated news and property review.

  5. I pity those buyers who bought these units slight below RM1k psf for units with undesirable view. With that price of psf, you could easily buy any newly completed bangsar condos with better facilities and much much nicer common corridors fascades, for example, Nadi Bangsar or ongoing Pinnacles bangsar.

    my personal opinion, the quality given/offered by this developer shown above in those posted pictures is comparable to those Rm500psf to Rm600psf condos. For examples, look at Razak City Residences or M Centura Cheras by Mah Sing. I rather you guys buy that given the same density compared with this project at Bangsar South. It is so packed now.

    1. In general none of the units are price at RM1K psf. I do not think View is selling point for Southlink. If you have been to sales office and saw the sales chart, most of units that taken up are facing South and North and low floor with pool view.

      Nadi was selling for about RM1400psf for smallest unit and obviously better located in real Bangsar with decent finishes as well as lower density. However for 1+1, an unit in Southink is pretty affordable with absolute price around RM400K+/-.

      Agreed on your view on the finishes but Bangsar South locaation wise is few grades higher than your examples above… When you are buying a property, it is not just finishes but the overall “package” such as location, developer, masterplan concept etc.

      Please keep the comments and feedback coming in!

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