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Sunway Gandaria Bangi 02

Sunway Gandaria @ Bandar Baru Bangi

1st Dec 2015 : Decided to crash into the media sneak preview of Sunway Gandaria Bangi because of two reasons.

First, because of this statement – “It is also one of the most popularly priced developments within the Sunway Property’s portfolio to be launched in 2016”

Second reason is my curiosity over the name of Gandaria – Before I attended the event, some of my friend did ask me whether is this project of Gandalf the grey or the white?  😆 So to clear the air, with an innocent face, being the ONLY blogger there I asked the noob question “What’s the meaning of Gandaria? directly to Mr. Ang Kee Ping, Executive Director – Property Development Division during the Q&A session together with other medias.

He answered my question with a big smile from this big man and of course together some laughter across the background and I thanked him profusely for the answer. 😉

I don't have a big camera so I stand behind and take with my mobile phone while Mr.Ang is giving the briefing to the media
I don’t have a big camera so I stand behind and take with my mobile phone while Mr.Ang is giving the briefing to the media

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 14

Gandaria is actually the combination of two Malay words of Ganda + Ria = Double Happiness 😆 . Double Happiness is a very popular and a common Chinese word as well. According to WikiPedia-

“Double Happiness sometimes translated as Double Happy, is a Chinese traditional ornament design, commonly used as a decoration and symbol of marriage. Outside of China, it is also used in United States, Europe and South East Asia”

Double Happiness
Double Happiness

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 50

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Radar Map
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Radar Map
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Location
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Location
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Actual Site
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Actual Site


Sunway Gandaria Bangi 27

I think not many of you here know about Bandar Baru Bangi. If I want to write about Bandar Baru Bangi, I think I can write about it for few pages as I had seen this place how it transform from a small cowboy industrial town to a hustle bustle satellite city now and recently crowned as “Knowledge City” 🙄 

How do I define a town is vibrant and prosperous? Don’t quote me but this is my own definition; by looking at the busy car traffics, double parking and difficult to find car park during the peak hour.

When I left the event, it was near to lunch time and I will let the pictures tell you the story. As I haven’t visited this town during the night time, I am not sure will it be as busy as during the day time but looking at the commercial area which does not consists much of entertainment outlet, I guess perhaps not.

Bandar Baru Bangi reminds me of the new Shah Alam. It is quite an established town and you will be surprised of the demographic of Bandar Baru Bangi.

Basic and daily amenities like public school, mosques, higher private institution, neighborhood mall, restaurants, clinics, medical centre, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza, convenient store, banks, post office, LHDN office, Akademi Percukaian Malaysia, Institut Latihan Kehakiman and Perundangan (LKAP) , National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Paparich, Old Town, Kopitiam, child care centre, Bangi Golf Resort, Hotel Bangi Putrajaya, and lot of business hotel, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Bangi, Universiti Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia French Institute, Secret Recipe, Bangi Kopitiam, police station, Bangi Fire and Rescue and the list can goes on.

You name it there have it. 😎

The only thing I cannot find here is Starbucks so I settled it with McDonalds’s coffee 😥 . I am not going to go so details about Bandar Baru Bangi for this time.

Surrounding Pictures of Sunway Gandaria Bangi

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 56
Paragon Point Bangi Along Jalan Medan Pb2a
Sunway Gandaria Bangi 57
Paragon Point Bangi Along Jalan Medan Pb2a

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 53
During lunch hour, the traffic around Sunway Gandaria Bangi
Sunway Gandaria Bangi 52
During lunch hour, the traffic around Sunway Gandaria Bangi

Paragon Point Bangi

Bangi Gateway Mall Source :
Bangi Gateway Mall Source :

Just in case if you don’t know, less than 4km from Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi, there is one new neighborhood mall called Bangi Gateway Mall and with anchor tenants of Jaya Grocer, MPH, Kenny Rogers and Yamaha Music School, the last renting a space of over 11,000sf alone. Bangi Gateway Mall is the first phase of the planned four-phase of 30 acre Bangi Gateway development.

The next two phases will consist of medical center measuring 250,000 sf and an office tower. The office tower will feature a street mall and more three-storey shop and office lots. The last phase will be a mixed development with commercial space and serviced apartments.

The serviced apartment will be built in two layouts. The 2 bedder room units will measure 600sf while the larger 3 room units will measure aroung 1000sf and total units around 256 units. 😉

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Location 2

Sunway Gandaria is locate right at the heart of the Bandar Baru Bangi’s New Central Business District beside Sentral @ Bangi CBD a product of a joint-venture between PKNS Holdings and Andaman Realty.

My opinion is if you want to appreciate Sunway Gandaria Bandar Bauru Bangi from a more macro point of view, I suggest that first you have to understand Sentral @ Bangi CBD , EVO SOHO Suites Bangi and Sunway Gandaria as the part of the entire Bandar Baru bangi City Centre plan.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 01

Overall Plan

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 25

Sunway Property hardly builds mass market product or affordable range product as Sunway Property is well known more as a township or community builder.

Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi with a gross development value (GDV) of RM226 million (Retail Shops – RM51mil & Service Apartment – RM175mil) is a niche or rather a boutique development spanning across 2 acre of prime land at the central of Bandar Baru Bangi commercial area.

I can see that Sunway Gandaria being located very strategically at the center of center of Bandar Baru Bangi City Centre and being supported by other commercial elements like the Paragon Point Bangi, Sentral @ Bangi Bangi and also the four strorey EVO Shopping Centre; Sunway Gandaria can be easily integrated as total part of lifestyle integrated development by leveraging those surrounding commercial development.

Beyond all this surrounding commercial elements, it is notable that within 300m from Sunway Gandaria, there is a 16.8 hectare public park coming with a sizeable 6 hectare of man-made lake – Taman Tasik Cempaka.

The construction cost of the lake itself is around RM$6mil while the landscaping cost approximately RM$3mil. This park is well maintained and getting lot visitors especially after office hour. 😯

Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2016 and target to be completed by 2020.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 44

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 49

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 47

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 46

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 48

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Facilities Floor
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Facilities Floor


Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi is a 38-storey tower including 6 storey of car park podium beneath the total 259 units residential unit, facilities such as a 50-metre lap pool and complete with a nearby gym that overlooks the pool on the 7th floor and 2 storey of retails comprises of 34 units. The density that we are looking here at Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi here is about 127units/acre.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Retail Shops
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Retail Shops
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Pool
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Pool
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Side Entrance
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Side Entrance

The architect of this Sunway Gandaria is Sky db (in association with T+Y architects ) – a fairly new architect. According to their website SKY db is newly founded by 3 experienced architects who share the same passion and vision. SKY believes in holistic appro ach to building design where good architecture not only provides functional space but aesthetically appealing.


Type and Layout

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 31

Sunway Gandaria Residences, which consists of serviced apartments ranging from 951sf to 1,410sf. There are type of basic layouts : 951sf, 1157sf and 1410sf. The latter 1410sf will be the 58 dual key units, which enables the flexibility of multigenerational living for homebuyers.

During the media sneak preview, only the Type B 1157sf layout was available and the show unit visited is based on the 1157sf layout. All residential units come with minimum of 3-4 bedroom type.

As for the retail shops comprise 34 retail units which ranges from 984sf to 6,231sf and it is for sale. Not much info about the commercial units can be gathered during the event, for obvious this 34 unit of retails with RM1mil onwards (~$1016/psf) is not the highlight of the event, but actually I am quite keen to know from the investor point of view.

If you checked the monthly rental and selling price of shop lots at Bandar Baru Bangi on few property portals, you be surprised I believe.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1150sf
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf
Sunwau Gandaria Bangi - Living and Dining Hall
Sunwau Gandaria Bangi – Living and Dining Hall

For the Sunway Gandaria Residence 1157sf layout, I think is quite practical due to its more to square layout design with measurement of W11800 x D10625.

This Type B 1157sf layout comes with 3 bedrooms , 1 study room, 2 bathroom, living , dry kitchen, and a yard. The kitchen for me is rather narrow for 1157sf but this can be easily solved by combining the yard as part of the kitchen seamlessly.

Furthermore, since Sunway Gandaria is located at this part of vibrant commercial area, dine and getting food is not much an issue, aside of that, nowadays working people hardly cook that often anymore, thus the lifestyle integrated development property is getting more popular and acceptable by the market.


Sunway Gandaria Bangi 35

Sunway Gandaria Bandar Baru Bangi dubbed “The Peak of Bangi” standing as tall as 38-storey tower will be the tallest building for this moment. Sunway Gandaria comes with a rather quite surprisingly mid range price tag starting from RM 550,000 (approximate 578psf) for residential and its commercial units, starting from RM1 million onwards.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 11
Mr. Ang Kee Ping, Executive Director – Property Development Division. Prior to joining Sunway, Ang was the Project Director, Central Region with UEM Sunrise Berhad.

According to Mr. Ang Kee Ping, Executive Director – Property Development Division, Central Region, Sunway Berhad said, “Sunway Gandaria will be the choice development for first-time owners, upgraders, and business owners who demands value while capitalising on the growing expansion of the Southern Klang Valley development corridor as an optimal business and residential hub.

The entire development is expected to be completed by 2020.”

“To make it an even easier for potential homeowners, investors and businesses to gain value from the development and be a part of this exciting community, we will provide Easy Ownership Package during its launch,” he added.

Someone from the media did try to ask the details of “The Easy Ownership Package” but nothing much can be revealed at this moment. Who knows Sunway Property might provide “ Double Happiness” easy ownership package for Sunway Gandaria Bangi. :mrgreen:

In term of price point comparison and competition to Sunway Gandaria Bangi, the nearest current development to Sunway Gandaria Bangi is EVO SOHO Suites Bangi by joint venture between PKNS Holding and Andaman Group.

EVO SOHO Suites Bangi was launched back in 2013 and scheduled to be completed in 2nd Quarter 2016. The price back then was from $245,000 ,from 454sf – 1352sf ( ~$540psf) and it come with fully furnished. 😉


Sunway Gandaria Bangi 29

As a property blogger myself, I do have comment on this project Sunway Ganderia Bandar Baru Bangi because my believe there is no perfect property.

First of all, not all residential units of Sunway Ganderia Bangi comes with balcony. As I understand, only units facing the Cempaka Lake comes with balcony.

Secondly, from the scale model, the façade is rather below my expectation if Sunway Ganderia Bangi to be market as the tallest landmark at Bandar Baru Bangi.

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 03

Yes I can understand this product is in the mid-range price product but in myhumble opinion, if Sunway Gandaria Bangi development concept is being the tallest tower in Bangi and setting as one of the most prominent landmark at Bangi, there are two things needed to be considered.

First, yes being the tallest building, Sunway Gandaria Bangi will be easily recognized even from far so you are either famous for being the coolest tower  😎 or the other way round and I prefer the former one  😛 since Sunway Gandaria Bangi is the tallest tower and prominent landmark.

This will make the owner to feel proud to stay in the tallest building in Bangi dubbed as “The Peak of Bangi” . Sunway Gandaria Bangi gota be iconic and have its own character. 💡

Second, being “The Peak of Bangi”, majority units without balcony, I feel is kind of a waste not to be able to enjoy the larger unblocked scenery of Bangi from inside of the unit.

Having say so, personally I think being such a tall building, having a larger pan of windows at least  (> 8ft height) will make the home connected seamless with the sky and this will give you  the feeling of living in the sky. 😳

“The Peak” – This word itself what is it so special? Why some like to live at the peak? Why people climb to the peak despite the tough journey itself? Could it be the breathtaking scenery viewing from the peak is priceless? I will leave it to the readers. 😛

There also could be other possibility that for not having a balcony design layout; some might think is not a main criteria since there are some people who hardly access and utilize it and they rather having a larger living space instead.

Last but not least, façade, larger glass panel, window and balcony is not the deal breaker anyway to most commoner.

And I will end the article with the picture below and I am JJ – the intern of PROPCAFE

“You are my Everyday”

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 38

For those who wants to more details  and register for Sunway Gandaria Bangi :

Website :

Location of Sales Gallery :

Sunway Gandaria Sales Gallery

C-06-01 & C-07-01, Plaza Paragon Point,

43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel : +6017 964 0688

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Sales Gallery

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Fact Sheet

Development : Sunway Gandaria
Location : Bandar Baru Bangi
Land Size : 2.04 acres
Total Unit : Retail Shops – 34 units & Serviced Apartment – 259 units
Built-Up Range : Retail Shops – 984 – 6,231 sq. ft. Serviced Apartment – 951 – 1,410 sq. ft.
Total GDV : Retail Shops – RM51mil

Serviced Apartment – RM175mil

Selling Price (Tentative) : Retail Shops-RM1 million onwards

Serviced Apartment-RM550,000 onwards

1. Development Concept

  • Peak of Bangi – Tallest tower in Bangi
  • Unobstructed View of lake garden and Bangi golf course
  • Modern lifestyle – Serviced apartment with facilities & secured community living
  • Located at the commercial hub of Pusat Bandar Baru Bangi

2. Accessibility

  • Close proximity to comprehensive amenities such as Bangi golf course, lake garden, universities, supermarket, F&B and financial institution
  • Good accessibility via major highways (KL-Seremban Highway, SILK Highway)

3. Special Features

  • New Retail concept in Bandar Baru Bangi
  • Dual Keys concept
  • Condo facilities (50m lap pool, pool facing gym, featured pavilion)
  • 24-hour 3 tiers security system
  • Minimum of 3 to 4 bedroom type

Show Unit Gallery 

Type B 1157sf

Sunway Gandaria bangi Type B 1157sf Kitchen
Sunway Gandaria Type B 1157sf Bathroom 2
Sunway Gandaria Type B 1157sf Bathroom 2

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 30

Sunway Gandaria Bangi Study Room
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Study Room
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 3
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 3
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 3
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 3
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 2
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 2
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 2
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Type B 1157sf Bedroom 2
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom Bathroom
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom Bathroom
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom
Sunway Gandaria Bangi Master Bedroom

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 43

This is irrelevant but just want to share the refreshment served by Sunway Property for those who are curious :mrgreen:

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 16

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 20

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 17

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 18

Sunway Gandaria Bangi 19

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  1. Well written intern Jj.

    1. Thanks Blu Water for your comment 🙂

  2. good review. thanks JJ. I’ve just bought the retail unit at a really good home owner easy package 🙂 Would recommend anyone to go for it. Last piece of land in the middle of Bandar Baru bangi. I know how much is the rental price for bangi sentral and evo suite mall 🙂 worth every penny if you invest now

    1. Thanks for your comment Noor 🙂 . You must one of the VVIP being able to purchase the retails and congrats to you! 😉

    2. Hi Noor. Do you mind to share the home owner easy packageand the price for the retails with our readers here to give them more insight about this property?. Thanks

  3. My 2 cents comment. i think Evo Soho Duplex unit is better due to its floor to cieling glass …fully furnished, main location & view. Why design the tallest condo without balcony or a wide glass window. By the way, correction. the 1st dual key in Bangi is Evo Soho Duplex by Andaman.

    1. Dear Ang, thanks for your 2 cents. By the way did I mentioned the 1st dual key in Bangi is Gandaria? 🙂

  4. […] still remember that my first visit to the Sunway Gandaria Bangi Media Sneak Preview was dated back early of December 2015 and today Feb 2016, 32 out of total 34 units of Sunway […]

  5. MAH SING Southville is the biggest development in Bangi with 428 acres of FREEHOLD Land. That already win compare to EVO and Gandaria. Secondly the price PSF and fully furnish for Savanna and Cerrado is even worth it compare to other development in Bangi. Location situated at North South Expressway and easily spotted by majority and glooming in future. I personnally would stronngly recommend to invest in Southville. I bought Savanna Retail and Service Apartment. Lately also bought Cerrado the phase 2 of Southville. Just my 2 cents opinions.

    1. Sorry typo…not glooming but blooming.

  6. no character. facade is very plain, just like ordinary pangsapuri.
    although it is the tallest, most bangizen wont know what it is called.

    evo will be the main landmark, because of its mall and more unique look.
    although it is the tallest, gandaria will rely on evo to increase its value too.

    anyway most property in bangi will be a good investment tho
    especially with the coming mrt2.

    1. and the coming kajang 2 development.

    2. Hi Jai, thank you for your comment and personal opinion. I am not sure that MRT2 is coming to Bandar Baru Bangi but one thing for sure the Bandar Baru Bangi commercial area is getting very busy and has been growing at a healthy pace.

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