PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Temasya Kasih @ Glenmarie By I&P

Temasya Kasih I&P has always been one of PROPCAFE Team’s closely monitored project. Why? First it’s located in prime Glenmarie area with an ease access to federal highway. We love the fact that Temasys Kasih is a low densed and low rise condo, that we can’t actually name that many of low densed low rise condo in Klang Valley.

Time flies so quickly it has been 3 years since that in our review in Temasya Kasih I&P. Now Temasya Kasih I&P has now VPed. At PROPCAFE we work hard to please our readers, we marvel to see how brochure, model scales, marketing leaflets translate to actual condo, actual product at Temasya Kasih I&P.

What we like at Temasya Kasih I&P:

  1. On 1st look, they look pretty decent. Airconds & dryer are given in Temasya Kasih I&P, laminated flooring to bedroom, good room sizes.
  2. Location x 3
  3. Low density and low rise

What we don’t like at Temasya Kasih I&P:

  1. Perhaps due to height restriction nearby Subang Airport , we feel that ceiling height at Temasya Kasih I&P pretty low.
  2. Some units have right in your face ‘High Tension Cable View’
  3. Limited facilities, lack of grand entrance feel

Now’s let the pictures at Temasya Kasih I&P do the talking shall we?

temasya_kasih_lobby temasya_kasih_main_entrance temasya_kasih_glenmarie_view temasya_kasih_internal_playround temasya_kasih_landscape temasya_kasih_lap_pool temasya_kasih_lift_lobby2temasya_kasih_bbq temasya_kasih_common_stairs temasya_kasih_corridor temasya_kasih_common_area2 temasya_kasih_unit_entracetemasya_kasih_living_hall temasya_kasih_living_room temasya_kasih_multi_purpose_hall temasya_kasih_playground2 temasya_kasih_pool_deck temasya_kasih_pool_view temasya_kasih_rooms temasya_kasih_rooms2 temasya_kasih_side_view temasya_kasih_side_view2 temasya_kasih_toilet temasya_kasih_toilet_basin temasya_kasih_toilet_fittings temasya_kasih_unit

4 Replies to “PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Temasya Kasih @ Glenmarie By I&P”

  1. looks and feels more like an institution rather than a residential.
    some of their aesthetic is just so bland.
    the lobby is just …. beyond words!

    1. Dear kochin, thanks for your comment. Normally each developer would have their own signature touches.

      I&P is known for its look like same same, bali style landed facade applied to almost all their landed product range. Speaking of creativity, in terms of product, pretty ordinary.

      For Temasya Kasih, basically there is no let down, from marketing material, scale model to product realization, it was ordinary to begin with.

      For more real case studies of I&P similar product, one may check out 8 Petaling at Sri Petaling.

  2. what is the interior finishing like?

    1. Dear ben thanks for dropping by.

      The interior finishing we have seen better ones

      We would rate as average.

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