PROPCAFE™ Review: The Pinnacle Seri Petaling

Whenever people talk about Seri Petaling, it is associated with vibrant commercial area AKA wong area and comparable to mature commercial area such as SS2, USJ’s Taipan and SS15. However being wong area, traffic congestion and scarcity of carpark are pretty normal. Just check out the commercial photos below

Recently while PROPCAFE is around the area, we have a quick pitstop The Pinnacle Seri Petaling sales gallery to check out what’s the hype all about. PROPCAFE came out not disappointed. Read on….

Developer background

Pinnacle is quite a new developer and first project was Pinnacles PJ next to Armada Hotel where they purchased the land from MEH. The leasehold project located on 1.73acre with GDV of RM505million. Subsequently they have launched Pinnacle Kelana Jaya. These are commercial/office title project.

Compared to the earlier projects by this developer, The Pinnacle Seri Petaling is a Schedule H Residential project on commercial land.

Overview of Development

Located on 2.6 acre leasehold expire on 2115, The Pinnacle Seri Petaling is located in between Jalan Radin Tengah and Jalan Radin Anum 1. There are 832 units with size ranging from 692sqft to 1022sqft located between 11 – 38 storeys. The units are in general are 2, 2 and 3+1 bedrooms and quite compact in general.

2 level of Basement are for visitors’ parking of the 50 retail lots and 1 supermarket spread across 2 levels. These retail lots will be retained by developer for tenant control mix.

Artist Impression of the retails@The Pinnacle Seri Petaling

From level 3 – 9 are resident parkings and facilities will be located on level 10.  In total there are close to 2000 parkings to serve visitors and residents.


The Pinnacle Seri Petaling consists of 3 blocks of 38 storeys A, B and C, the 3 blocks form an U surrounding the podium where the swimming pool, gym and generic facilities located. In PROPCAFE’s eyes no matter what angle we look at the scale model, it is quite massive and high density with 320units/acre. Developer fully utilize the space and no pocket of gardens or communal areas to break the façade.

Unit and Floor Layouts and ShowUnit

On first glance, the layouts can be quite overwhelming as there are 20 units layout to be chosen.

In general, PROPCAFE thinks the layout is not efficient. For example, with exception of unit type C1c 692 sqft), the 2nd or 3rd bedroom’s window is facing the airwell where it can be quite dark. Also strangely, some layouts the 3rd bedroom (which barely can fit a single bed and wardrobe) is positioned with window facing out rather than more spacious 2nd bedroom. For illustration refer to below.

Unit Layout C2

In author’s opinion, the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms can be re-configured to create more spacious rooms and with bathroom instead of ensuite, it become a common bathroom. And therefore we can eliminate the 3rd bathroom located next to kitchen.

All not lose though. Despite few layouts for 2 bedrooms configuration, nothing are outstanding with exception of type C1c.

Unit Layout C1c

The 692sqft type C1c with spacious 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with both bedrooms facing outside with bright and fresh air. The bedrooms are ensuite with bathroom with bathroom 2 is common as well. There is a perfect size yard and for fengshui believer, the main entrance does not face directly to the lanai/ balcony.

Essentially, the unit comes bare with exception of loose aircon. We will come to that aircon later. The unit will comes with usual frill such s 2X2 porcelain tiles on living/dining/kitchen/Bathroom/ Yard/ Lanai and laminated Timber flooring on bedrooms.  Despite the units will come in bare from developer, do enjoy the photos taken from show unit.



The usual drill of facilities such as gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, multipurpose hall etc on 10th floor. Residents can go to sky deck@38th floor block B to chill and enjoy the KL skyline view.

Facilities List

Artist Impression

Financing and Freebies

Currently developer is providing 5% rebate with legal fee and disbursement for both SPA and loan absorbed by developer. Developer is also absorbing loan’s stamp duty. However the MOT will be paid by buyers.

The early bird pricing was from RM620psf however apparently from the good response since the launch, developer has increased the price by 5%. And from the understanding  with the SA regardless the view and orientation, the psf for every type is the same and price is increased around RM2k for every floor premium. Please check with the friendly SA.


Interestingly, developer has provided 2 carparks for all units (Thanks to alert from reader, only for Type C with exception of type C1c, 692sqft. Other type, A & B only 1 carpark will be provided). Kudos to the developer. However strangely, unit on level 11 and 12 are provided with only one carpark. Hm…

Also regardless what layout you choose, developer will provide 3 loose aircon and it is up to you where to install the aircon. PROPCAFE couldn’t help but think that it is one way of developer to save the installation cost.. oh well…. The SA claimed that Developer sell this property too cheap….

The maintenance fee is expected at RM0.28psf inclusive of sinking fund.

About the pasar malam apparently from 14.March it will be relocated to new site at the open carpark.

Pasar malam relocation notice

The construction is already ongoing with the piling works is going on.

Construction progress photos


The density of the project is quite concern however apparently it is has become norm especially project within Kuala Lumpur. This part of Seri Petaling is very wong and there will be fans will aim for the convenience of staying around the area. Of course the parents factor where they buying for their children.

Happy Investing!

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  1. Yes. I think the layout simply very pooly designed. I prefer the idea of propcafe C2 layout design. Perhaps the developer should come and consult Propcafe when come to layout design. 😉
    Thanks for the nice write up

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