Vipod @ KLCC….. VP @ 360 Degree View

Last week two of the propcafe editors have privilege to visit VP-ed units of Vipod ahead of the official VP from 12.August.2013. For propcafe detailed review of the Vipod, readers can read it

For investors that familiar with KL property scene, the developer of Vipod is famed to developer some high rises in Penang and contractor of Oval KLCC. They are also developer of Titiwangsa Sentral and Oval Damansara and these project have made some handsome gains for earlier investors. Currently aside of recent VP-ed Vipod, they are developing Monoland SOHO and Quadro. All these are luxury condos in KLCC. Soon they will develop upcoming KLCC project… Stay tune on this.

Completed Facade

Back to Vipod now. At the first impression at the guardhouse, we feel the gate barrier is not suitable for high traffic care movement. Rather than using gantry type barrier, Vipod has opt to use swing type gate. Imagine if there are few cars queuing to enter Vipod…. There will be a backlog….  On general observation, the common areas are not ready…. The workers are busying readying the lobby. The access cards and the passenger lifts are not fully operated. Due to lack of access card, we need to take the bomba lift to the unit however we can use the passengers lift to ground. There are no floor button on the lift panel…. You need to use the access card to activate the lift and the lift will bring you to the unit. The question is if you have visitors. You need to go 1. Go to lobby to pick up the visitors. 2. Request visitors to use service lift (which is unlikely as this is premier condo} and 3rd. visitor will be required to leave their ID/ driving license to the guard and visitor card will be issued that only allow access to the floor. The visitor access card need to be return in order to get back your ID/ driving license. It will be interesting to see whether Monoland will adopt 3rd method for the visitors. Still on the lift, apparently the lift used is from MSL, the similar company that supply lift to Titiwangsa Sentral. For people that familiar with Titiwangsa Sentral, the lifts have been the bane for the condo. There are numbers of fingers pointing between developer and lift supplier the root cause of the frequent breakdown of the lifts. However upon consultation with the contractor, apparently lift supplied are imported from Japan where else it’s local made for Titiwangsa Sentral hence explanation of the higher quality… Well the it remains to be seen whether Vipod will face the similar fate as Titiwangsa Sentral…
Lift without floor button

Well as consolidation each block which consist of 4 or 3 units/ floor are sharing 3+1 lifts…. Which worked to be 38units/lift one of the lowest density and rivalling those exclusive projects with lowest lift density.

On the unit. In nutshell, those small sizes 635sqf 1+1bedroom and exclusive corner 793sqft 2 bedrooms are facing Pavilion where else the larger type 2 bedrooms and 2+1bedrooms varieties are facing KLCC.

Pavilion View Units

Due to time limitation issue, we focus more the 1+1bedrooms type. Upon the main door, we are greeted with the biometric lock door. The door itself is made of the solid wood.

Small Size_Biometric Lock

Biometric lock door

Once we enter the unit, we were greeted with luxury teak flooring. For 1+1 type, dining/living/bedrooms are timber flooring except kitchen is marble flooring. We are greeted with floor to ceiling window and due to the façade and concept, none of the glass panel can be opened except for the small panel right on top of centre. For all the small size units (with maybe exception corner units in block C and high floor units), the view will be blocked by Novotel hotel.

Small Size_Living Dining

smalll size_tradewinds2

Small size_tradewinds

The view

The whole unit is air conditioning by VRV air con and plastered ceiling

Small Size_Aircon outlet

Ventilation ducting

If you notice at edge of the plaster ceiling perimeter, the plaster is finished at such way leaving small gap with shadow. The create ID effect and was told this is European design.

Small Size_Ceiling

Shadowline Plaster Ceiling

Also note from picture above there are no skirting… Again was told by the ID guy that this is quite common in Europe however it is very difficult to achieve good finishes…. Well we could see clear from our naked eyes that a lot of improvement required in this area….

On this picture, you can see there two doors leading to the master bedroom which is weird. From our observation, this 2 doors are supposed to be sliding door and to the reason beyond our comprehension, it has become swing doors…

Small size_two doors

Two doors on the left side

The powerpoints are pretty nice looking..

Small size_power points


Now to the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet supplied by Signature Kitchen, a local brand that is quite reputable among local. The kitchen is white glossy finished and Ariston hood, hob and oven.

Small size_kitchen

Overall look of kitchen

Small Size_induction hob

The induction hob

Small size_hood


Small size_Oven


Small size_Mixer

Designer mixer

small size_food disposal

Food disposal

Small Size_Washing Machine

Space for washing machine

The master bedroom finishes is quite similar to the living and dining area… The high floors should able to afford fire crackers from bukit bintang during New Year eve.

Small size_master bedroom

Bedroom finishes

The bathroom is fitted with luxury Jacuzzi, shower set that include a rain shower. The rain shower has a led than turned from blue to red color when the water is hot. Pretty amusing.

Small Size_Jacuzzi


The sink and toilet is quite disappointing and I think better model can be supplied.

Small siize_bathroom

Sink and toilet

There is a small windowless room that can be used as a study area however if users do not mind, they can convert the room to small single room.

Small Size_Study room

Study room

KLCC view units

In my view, the larger size with KLCC views are simply glorious….. Imagine the whole span of living and dining with floor to ceiling overlooking KLCC and for high floor KLCC park as well…. Simply breathtaking….

Typical large size unit finishes2

KL View from Big Size

Breathtaking KLCC view

Due to time limitation we just managed few snapshots…

Kitchen for big size


Typical Bathroom


Majestic Corner Unit

Amazing Corner Unit

Rooftop view

The rooftop is the sky club and the entrance and usage will be tentatively based on RM0.20psf which means if your unit is 635sqft, you are expected to pay RM120permonth for the usage of pool, dancing room and glorious gym…. At the moment, except for some planted palm trees, the rooftop clubs are not ready and probably will be ready in 3-4 months time…. At the moment we should just enjoy the glorious views….

Rooftop_KLCC view1

Rooftop_KLCC view2

Rooftop_KLCC view3

The KLCC view

Rooftop_Pavilion view1

Rooftop_Pavilion view2

The Pavilion view

Rooftop_KL tower view1

The KL Tower view


In our one hour visit, there are many improvements can be made… The common area workmanship is not ready and there is not reason for developer to rush the handover. The SNP is signed in October and as luxury condo, I think Monoland should take the time and deliver the condo in right condition. At the moment the condo is not ready and I suspect it will take another 1-2 months to get everything running smoothly…  The finishes are great and I love the teak flooring. However there are some flaws in architectural selection. For example the bathroom is poorly designed with so many swing doors and make the bathroom extremely hard to navigate. And secondly the glass panel as wall selection in bathroom. Glass panel is great to look however it come in as panel when water will be splashed and bound to seep through the panel to wall. In the long run, it will leave stain behind the glass panel. The fine detailed finishes are not great and you can see some scratches at window, floors walls etc….

I also have deep reservation on type of the lift used. There are many type of reputable lifts such as Otis, Kone, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, Mitsubishi etc and Monoland has opted Toshiba (MSL lift) which notoriously always breakdown in Titiwangsa Sentral (However it is much much better nowadays and no longer heard much complaints from residents). Well, I hope there wouldn’t be any major breakdown…

Anyway, let’s not take credit away from Vipod and Monoland. This project is at excellent location. In my view, it is among the best location in whole KLCC or Propcafe zone 1 area. Not many projects can rival Vipod location that straddle in between KLCC and ever happening and popular Pavilion.  The prices paid by investors three years are great and most of them are not deterred by Monoland policy buy to 1 big entitle 1 small unit purchase. In fact I feel the larger size particularly the 793sqft 2bedrooms are one of the best units around not only in Vipod but in whole KLCC. The kitchen cabinet, the choice of fitting are good. I think in ever competitive KLCC market, Vipod will standout not only among the iconic high rise and proud owners but choice dwellings among residents and tenants as well that need compact size in superior location.

17 Replies to “Vipod @ KLCC….. VP @ 360 Degree View”

  1. nice write up, bro! ^^

  2. So nice. 🙂

  3. finally vipod is vipoded….
    nice little unit as stamp collection for klcc/bukit bintang, the prime of malaysia. its a dangerous prosposition if you have spouse that love shopping and high society taste as the view to Pavillion Shopping Mall is so alluring and right at windows….

    practically this is a 24/7 aircond unit with very little openable window panels.

    As there is no pixs on common area, I take that this project is just a bare bone residential condo w little fascination on common area, including the lift.

    Wonder how is the common corridor like?

    p/s- to forcefully fitted a bathtub in a rather tight bathroom is a waste of space, instead of a bragging right. the bathroom in general is a dissappointment for KLCC condos..very 2 star like….sorry folks.

  4. I hope the editor will take the trouble to introduce pixs of street scene, exterior facade and interior common area, including the top entertainment floor when completion.
    As of now, we just need to satisfy of these teaser pics. 🙂

  5. The 2 doors to room is strange. Any idea why u need 2 doors? Nevertheless very nice unit

  6. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    Hi mybenz,
    The 2 swing doors indeed is strange. One of the jokes was the unit is compact size therefore you need the doors for couple to play hide and seek… lol
    on serious note, it seems that the design is for sliding door (which is strange again because it should be single centre opening and slide to both ends rather than 2 openings on both end….

  7. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    Hi Linus,
    The common areas are not fully completed and still Work-In-Progress. It will not do justice and unfair to Vipod as well where partial completed photos are posted. For example the gym room and dancing room the equipments are not fitted in yet. The lift lobby is still touching up here and there.

  8. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    In next 6 months Monoland SOHO and Quadro will be completed… It will be our privilege if the propcafe editors are invited for a tour…
    SOHO concept will be very much interesting…. whether investors/ residents can accept the concept.

  9. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Vipod location is unbeatable at the moment which is in between KLCC and Pavillion/BB. If one always walk around that area to Pavillion via the bridge, you can sense the crowds there and the expats are flocking in the drinking street at Pavillion. Top choice location!

    Small lobby and don’t expect posh corridor. The privacy is way up there from its no button lift, biometric lock, to only 3/4 units per cluster. Strongly believe it will be one of the most preferred service apartments in KLCC. PropCafe Zone 1 property…..let’s wait for more common area’s photo or possibly furnished unit in near future. Stay tuned.

  10. Vipod location is top notch. It is a bit pity that the finishing seems like good but not fantastic. Nevertheless given the small unit, it will attract lots of attention.

    We will have to see the finishing of the common area, and whether any quality issues, e.g. lift breakdown, etc.

  11. The builder has had no supervisory check on the completed building. Rooms with unexplainable two doors (next to each other), washing machine bay with no drainage hole, smaller bay for the fridge than any available fridge in the market, plaster ceiling with no light points are only few that I was able to spot in ten minutes.

    I am concerned about the main structure of the building (drainage system, possible leakages, potential problems with swimming pool etc). It is a put down although the location is fantastic.

    1. Two doors supposed to be sliding doors for both sides which is common in europe. The shadow line design of ceilling also very european. The power points are hidden on top of ceilling. Ceilling is gysum board ceilling. Washer u need to male hole inside the vabinet to drain at another side.

  12. At the price paid at this location, something need to give away… in this case, it is the developer and its’ lackadaisical attitude in their project. I understood they need to quickly complete the project and subsequently mobilise all the subcon to Quadro to expedite the works. therefore to certain extend, this has delay the defect rectification works in Vipod.
    I personally think the finishes and workmanship are decent. However the developer simply lack the “class” of developer such as Tan&Tan. However fortunately they are not the worse out there….

  13. Another great detailed review. I came to this page after reading various comments on Monoland workmanship and quality. I am not a buyer of Vipod but I have a unit in SOHO, which is about the Vped. After reading this article and looking at those pictures I think many of those defects are typical punchlist items in any construction. After seeing many worst finished products before these so called poor workmanship in Vipod is truly nothing. While I say this, the 2 doors to a room is indeed strange and I agreed that those are cheap looking sink and toilet. But we can imagine developer buy in big quantity and normally attempt to cut cost whenever they can. Thus the bath room is really a small matter – as one could replace them at relatively cheap cost. On the hand a solid teak wood flooring is a big matter, it is solid and not laminated – that counts. The whole building, the design, biometric lock, tight secuirty, etc, are something investor can appreciate. You see, where it really matters, Monoland delivers.

  14. Hi bluetooth, mind to share which other KLCC projects that has poorer workmanship than Vipod? Please note this is KLCC project therefore the expectation cannot be equated to other projects outside of KLCC.

  15. Hi Black Coffee, in KLCC I don’t have much experiences. Outside KLCC, I I have seen a few worst cases, but to be honest with you it is not nice to tell the whole world how bad they are – because the owners may not like to hear negative things about their properties. My first personal experience will be when I receive my Soho suite unit. I have heard many people said many negative things about Monoland workmanship, handover, speed of rectifying defects, etc. and Soho they said would be much worst. However, since I don’t the facts yet, it’s too early to conclude. But if Soho workmanship is as good or as bad as Vipod as described in the article above then my worries would be minimal – because in my opinion Vipod defects are nothing to worry about. But maybe like they say Soho would be worst, then you will hear my take on that, I hope 🙂

  16. I seen many condos worst than Vipod.. But we need to compare Apple to Apple… KLCC to KLCC project as this is a high end condo… You can’t compare KLCC condo workmanship with condo in Seri Kembangan, Puchong etc…
    Obviously expectation will be different.
    At least that is the way i look at things.

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