PROPCAFE™ Guide : Zoning of KLCC Properties @ Zone 1 and Zone 2 – Where and What To Buy?


What’s the definition of KLCC Properties? It is pretty confusing when one listens to some buyers/investors or developers who claimed that their properties are KLCC properties.

We are not talking about Kuala Lumpur City Center’s properties here but the premium KLCC properties that surrounding the Petronas Twin Towers (the Landmark of Kuala Lumpur). The problem is, there isn’t any definition, guides or standards to classify the properties that fall under this so called KLCC premium location. Some even treat the properties in Imbi or Pudu location as premium KLCC properties and priced it ridiculously.

Although it could be controversial, PropCafe would like to take challenge to step into this grey area and carve out the Premium KLCC properties from the rest.


Firstly, PropCafe would like to define “KLCC Properties” as “The properties that surrounding Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers”. In order to differentiate KLCC Premium Properties from Kuala Lumpur City Center Properties (which can be a very big coverage), PropCafe has studied land’s premium, distance, and surrounding roads of Petronas Twin Towers and finally came out two zones, namely KLCC Zone 1 and Zone 2. Those outside these two zones, unfortunately, PropCafe will not view it as KLCC properties but Kuala Lumpur City Center’s Properties

With this zoning information, hopefully it can help the investors to understand the pricing differentiation within KLCC properties itself and also between KLCC properties and those outside these zones. As an investor, one can use relative pricing approach by using the zones to evaluate whether the premium of the development is fairly priced. And hopefully, developers will be more sensible to price their properties according to this zoning. Of course, many of the developers may disagree, but who care? As long as, we understand the zoning and worth of premium attached, we can make more sound decision to buy or not to buy.

The Map – Zone 1 is surrounding by the boundary road of:

Jln Ampang (partial), Jln P Ramlee (partial), Jln Perak, Jln Conlay, Jln Kia Peng (partial),and Jln Binjai.

Note: Those properties which are direct fronting (or direct right and left side of) the boundary road of Zone 1 will still be considered as Zone 1 properties. One can observe it in the map below. However, those further away from the bpundary will be treated as Zone 2. Key criteria here is direct fronting the boundary road.

PROPCAFE KLCC Zoning - Zone 1
PROPCAFE KLCC Zoning – Zone 1

The Map – Zone 2 is surrounding by the boundary road of:

Ampang-KL Highway (partial), Jln Sultan Ismail (partial), Jln P Ramlee (partial), Jln Raja Chulan (partial), Jln Bukit Bintang (partial), and Jln Tun Razak (partial)

PROPCAFE KLCC Zoning - Zone 2
PROPCAFE KLCC Zoning – Zone 2

There is no right or wrong definition. As a passionate property lover, PropCafe always like to make property investment decision to be as sophisticated as possible since it involves significant amount of money, more so at the current level of property price. This has motivated PropCafe to start this zoning exercise for KLCC properties and at the same time carved out those non-KLCC properties so that Propcafe can easily weight the worthiness of any new launch whivh is surrounding Petronas Twin Towers (or outside KLCC/Kuala Lumpur City Centre).

PropCafe is also happy to share the consolidated information of the “KLCC Properties” (with two different category i.e. two different zones). PropCafe will try its very best to update this information as frequent as possible. Bear in mind that we are not valuers or real estate agents, so kindly re-confirm the information from a qualified valuer, especially on the “the current indicative price” of the properties below.

Summary Listing of KLCC Zone 1 and Zone 2 Properties:

Note: Location of each property is shown in the map above according to its number.

Zone 1 Table

Zone 2 Table

Quick Comparison

The existing indicative price above clearly shows a higher premium of Zone 1 than Zone 2. It is still hard for Zone 2 properties to break RM1,000psf unlike Zone 1 properties. It seems like, capital appreciation wise, Zone 1 in average is till perform better than Zone 2.

The majority of KLCC Zone 1 properties hasbetter façade, class, and quality. The land cost and architectural design could also contribute to its higher premium.

The maintenance fee for Zone 2, in general, is cheaper than Zone 1.

Why does one want to purchase KLCC properties?

It is just like asking a man why he likes posh and luxury car. For the rich, it is about possession of expensive items to meet their desire and reaffirm their success. Well, put it in layman term, it is like “Stamp Collection” especially KLCC properties most of the time giving better and more elegant concept and façade. But we are talking about a very expensive hobby here. Most of us are not in this group, and this group is less sensitive for pricing and they don’t read PropCafe (ha)! Therefore, it is no point to discuss the investment strategies from this group of buyers here.

How about the mass market or property lover like us? PropCafe always believe on the basic of the relevancy between property value and scarcity of land. This is exactly the key words here in KLCC property investment. The land surrounding Petronas Twin Towers is getting lesser. One can notice that most of the open car park areas are now under construction for mall, office or residential developments especially the Zone 1 and 2 above. There are not many lands left!

The purchase of KLCC Zone 1 and 2 is always best if one can hold for longer term. You can easily observe the long term capital appreciation for the properties surrounding its key landmark in any of the capital cities across the world. It doesn’t mean that one cannot flip it but due to the scarcity of the land in the city, one will capture more values from it. That’s why, for the “centre of centre location’s” property values is always there regardless the cycle. Yes, some kneejerk or firesales happened during bad times but it bound back equally fast as well. PropCafe editors witnessed the dropped of KLCC properties during 2007 and tried to get “durian runtuh” but unfortunately it was so hard to grab the fire sale or value buy because it was snapped up in no time.

So, if you have decided to go into KLCC property investment, then make sure you have the holding power. If you do, KLCC properties are there for you to own! If you don’t but yet want to be in the party, then continue to read the following section.

What to invest in KLCC Zone 1 and 2?

This is a million dollar question. Clearly, KLCC is not for everyone as most of the developments are likely at the highest pricing bracket of entire Klang Valley.

Medium/Big Size Unit – Let’s talk about the buyers of this luxury segment. KLCC properties are mainly held by affluent investors who like to collect luxury properties and have high level of holding power. Many of them treat it as “stamp collection” especially those nice and sleek developments that designed by famous architect like Norman Fosters, example Troika. You can notice so many units are empty without light at night but there is no crashing in price (of course, on and off there are some fire sales which are unavoidable in any market). Many rich families are holding it as their “resting suites” for weekend KL shopping spree or for their next generation use. This is particular obvious in mid to big size type of units. How about rental? Expatriate rental market for this mid-big size unit is there but relatively smaller. Those expatriates with family members are more likely to rent a more “family” type of environment and landed properties like Tropicana. Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Damansara Height, and Desa Parkcity. So, when it comes to invest in mid to big size KLCC zone 1 and 2 properties, it is really a different league and different ball game.

Small Size Unit – As for the small size apartment in KLCC zone 1 and 2, the buyers are more from mass market compare to above as the pricing of RM600k to RM1mil level is more affordable to many. Based on the listing above, even though the list is long, small size and nice condo/service apartment in this area is still relatively rare. The demand of rental market on this tyoe of unit is clearly there. Many single/couple or young family expatriate will still prefer to stay around Zone 1 and 2 than PJ/Outbound. There are many reasons for this. Many of them could be new to KL and it is less risky to start thier first year in the city centre especially this group may not own vehicle or not fancy of having one. This reach for this expatriate group ( mid to high level management corporate figures) is wider than the above market and the rental of RM4 to RM6 psf for the 600 to 800sf is surely within their housing allowance and budget.

If you are interested on KLCC properties, the list above should help. Many (property agents, journalist, investors, valuers etc) claimed that KLCC properties are over-supplied. Well, by looking at the list above, no one will object it. However, does it means all KLCC properties are not investable? I personally do not think so. You need to understand which type of units are oversupplied and how is the expatriate rental market there. Check with agents and do more survey if possible by yourself. See where are those expatriates staying now (can be colleagues, friends’ colleagues, relatives’ colleagues etc). There are always bargain buy appears once awhile (and most of the time, these units don’t wait for you!). Once you have done that, then here you go… … Congratulation to be a proud owner of KLCC properties (oh! make sure it is within Zone 1 and 2 :)). Those who are not season investors but love to own a piece of KLCC properties, simple … … drive around Petronas Twin Towers! My rule of thumb is, those properties that fronting or beside the main roads which can be seen from your driving seat are the one to first fall into your list, this visibility test will hardly go wrong! Next, check the pricing above and pick the small unit that can fit your bills (purchase price and installment) and equate it to the rental market of RM4 to 6psf!

How about ownstay? With the pricing of the area like TTDI (eg. Ascencia), Kota Damansara (eg. Tropicana Garden), Old Klang Road (eg. Verve), Damansara Height (eg.Damansara City) etc are all launched at above RM1,000psf, KLCC properties look relatively cheap! It is inevitable that Malaysian are still mentally not ready to stay in the center of city, those who are ready should take this opportunity to reap the benefit of narrow spread (in term of psf) between KLCC and non-KLCC properties. It is mind boggling to see recent launches in non-prime location to ask for RM700 to RM800psf where you can clearly see there are still have choices in KLCC Zone 1 and Zone 2 properties in this range. So either KLCC properties are now undervalued or the rest are overvalued. The spread has to be wider!

Disclaimer: The above statements are solely based on write opinion. Please do your own homework. No one know your appetite and requirement better than yourself! 🙂 Hunting of KLCC property starts now!

Let’s Enjoy The Architectural Design of Individual KLCC Property


1 One KL



2 Marc Residence


3 Kirana Residence


4 Residensi Kia Peng

5 Ruma Residence



6 Quadro Residences


7 Park Seven


8 Stonor Park

9 The Binjai On the Park

10 Platinum Concierge Suites, Platinum Residences, Platinum Residences II





11 The Oval

12 Desa Kudalari

13 The Troika


14 Binjai 8



15 Corinthian


16 Binjai Residency

17 Four Season Place


18 K Residence

19 The Meritz


20 Le Nouvel

21 The Residences


22 Idaman Residence



23 Parkview


24 Fraser Place


25 Soho Suites


26 Menara Pinang

27 Vipod Residences


Rooftop_KLCC view1

Rooftop_KLCC view2

28 3 Kia Peng

29 Pavillion Residence



30 Banyan Tree Signature Pavillion



31 Sri Kia Peng

32 The Pearl



33 1A Stonor

34 Ampersand


35 Suria Stonor


36 6 Stonor


37 Taragon Puteri YKS

38 Hampshire Place

29b Place

39 Hampshire Park


40 2 Hampshire

41 Hampshire Residence


42 D’ Mayang

43 Jelita Court

44 Mirage Residence


45 Menara Avenue

46 The Ritz-Carlton Residences

47 Face Platinum Suites


48 Summer Suites

49 188 Suites


50 Cendana

51 St Mary Residences


52 The Manhattan

53 Myhabitat

54 Dua Residency

55 The Avare

56 Panorama

57 Vista Damai

58 KL Trillion

48 Replies to “PROPCAFE™ Guide : Zoning of KLCC Properties @ Zone 1 and Zone 2 – Where and What To Buy?”

  1. I personally like condo/service apartment near jalan binjai and jalan kia peng.

  2. Seriously, i like klcc properties.
    But my concern is when the mrt is ready, would it giving a threat to klcc properties where tenant having more options to get their condo/ service residence at cheaper rate at some other place.
    What is your thought on this?!

    1. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

      good question you raise here however if you see the profile of the condos that located within walking distance to MRT, it is not exactly cheap either for example Tropicana Garden and Sunway Nexus…. Even the cheapest such as D’ Maxim is designed as medium range apartment. I think KLCC property psf was overpriced few years ago and remain stagnant until other areas in PJ and Kota Damansara caught up. From the table above, i think the key issue is not the psf but the big built up where the size is from 2000sqft. Those development such as Ruma an Banyan with size approximately 1000sqft already selling from RM1800psf….

  3. Good write up and compilation of the KLCC properties and pictures.
    After seeing like 100 buildings posted in this website, all high rises looks the same to me, only few with unique design and its own characters.

  4. Good stuff! Really a good write and well researched and compilation. The developer should do this instead before they simply put their price tag on their building. Well atleast now I have a summary and price guidelines here so I dont buy overpriced prop in KLCC.Thanks propcafe!

  5. wish to own a small built up Marc Residence as a weekend house cum investment property, what do u think?

    I really salute the effort by editor to compile all the infos and even with the picture & video…I always enjoy to read your review. I have a small suggestion here, the table would be better if it can be sort by property name, or sort by the price per sf….or sort by completion year 🙂

  6. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    JS, the table is according to the zone n property map. U need to follow the map to understand why the number is arranged this way in the table. Ha. I started with a point then started to locate the prop dev anti clockwise one by one along the road before moving out to outer bound. I missed some thats why some of the number jumped a bit. Can’t sort it based on ur suggestion haha bcoz the number in the map need to change lol. No joke mate to redo this piece of work.

  7. gosh…now I understand…this is superb !! thx mate

  8. Thanks for your reply, Black Coffee!
    Afterall, i think i will only grab the klcc property when the timing is right.
    I have a sense that when there is a lot of speculation activities happened in the market, surely an adjustment will be made according to it.
    Let’s wait and see ^^

  9. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Ken Nen take your time. Plenty of choices out there but it is better to engage one or two klcc agents to search value buy for u i.e. any firesale they ll inform you.

  10. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    KLCC was bought heavily during 2005 and 2006 and despite the 2008 financial crisis, most properties are holding their values well.
    Then again the property market in general has been up tremendously for last 2 to 3 years and i wouldn’t be surprise if there is correction if there is another crisis coming along.
    However, no one has crystal ball and IF there is no crisis, would you think there will be a correction?

  11. Property price in Malaysia still low compare to other country, is that possible the increased price during the last 2-3years is the price correction due to low appreciattion for the last 15-20years? and now we are in the right track…

    Just wan to make the topic more controversial =p

    Just make the topic more controvertial

  12. nice write up.
    however i must disagree with you on the zoning.
    zone 1 have more leverage on the eastern and southern side compared to the west and north.
    for instance, i find it puzzling that areas such as avenue k, angkasaraya is classified under zone 2 when it is just metres away from the iconic KLCC itself.
    unless of course you are using the COG to be the park. for me personally, i would use the KLCC bldg itself as COG.
    while it is interesting to note the disparity in prices between completed versus just launched product, it is also glaringly obvious that most completed KLCC properties prices are at a discount to new launched at outskirt of town.
    would this present a great buying opportunity to KLCC properties lovers?
    guess we would find out soon enough.
    keep up the good work propcafe.

  13. Great piece of work! I had a walk a couple of weeks ago around KLCC ( yeah, I haven’t done that for a long time!) and was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the buildings are now connected either by overhead or underground walkways. Nice work done by DBKL to elevate KLCC to world class level.
    Looking at the list of property prices especially at Zone 1 which is really the prime heart of the entire country in terms of real estate, potential is certainly there for a re-rating. I would reckon that those “under-rated” properties which are located next or close to iconic ones like Le Nouvelle, 4 Seasons Place or Banyan to be the choice ones.

  14. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Kochin, thanks for your comment. If you see the properties tat listed in zone 1 table, k residence meritz and angkasa stretch properties are in zone 1 table. Those right besides the boundary are still be considered as zone 1. Same applied to jln stonor stretch. However those slightly further from the boundary ll b treated as zone 2. It is hard to carve out so we need to follow the best possible routes to determine it. I ll clarify it in the article to avoid further confusion. If you see the map n those number in the map are all belong to that zone. Cheers!

  15. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Thanks Zonefinder. I dare not recommend any bbb in any klcc property here ha. But it is not difficult to see idaman res is still priced below rm1k. The residences by dijaya which soon to be launched ll make it look damn cheap. So i would say it is one of the most undervalued klcc property. Just one of the examples here. Ha the pricing above should help other to pick uo more. Well, mkt is efficient. There must b reasons why idaman price is lagging behind. Clearly, it fails my visibility test abovementioned as it is not right beside the main roads surrounding suria klcc. One needs to go in further the slip road to reach there. Anyway, hope you get you klcc property soon n do share with us here!

  16. Will do, Caffe. The other development which I would look at will be K residence, what with the refurbishment happening at Avenue K plus its prime location. By the way, anyone knows if the Regents Hotel,which is suppose to be at the 2nd tower, going to happen?

  17. Avatar Black Coffee says: Reply

    PTT is appropriate landmark to be used as COG of the KLCC however if solely use COG as the sole measurement the result will be skewed. For example those developments along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Jalan Ampang despite closer to PTT most development are priced at discount compared to those at Jalan Kia Peng.
    In 2005/6 most developers are launching those big sizes units and we found with exception of few (such as Binjai, Troika, Park7) most are still asking sub RM1K psf. However for new launches such as Ruma, 4Season and Banyan, majority are small sizes and understandably priced much higher than subsale asking of these big sizes developments.
    It will be interesting to see how Vipod will do in secondary market when VP in 1-2 months time…

  18. Hi Zonefinder, my understanding is that Regent Hotel will be a reality in 2015. Thereafter, strata title of K Residence will be issued, together with Regent’s.

    1. Nice work, propcafe. I m using it as reference now and referring my Singaporean frens to yr site for quick learning curve. have u read the latest cover story of KLCC boom in 大马房地产? need your comment too. it basically predicts boom of KLCC properties in the later half of 2013 towards 2016 hitting 5000psf.

  19. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Ng, Thank you! Do you mind to share the link here regarding the klcc boom story? I m sure all readers and editors would love to read it. Cheers!

    1. Sure. My file is too big. Let me resize it then put up a link

  20. KLCC – Buying Spree

    First time posting a link, hope it works

    1. Hi NG! It works! Thank you for sharing such a valuable info with and with all the PropCafe.Net’s readers. would like to say thank you very much on behalf of everyone here. You are really awesome NG!

      1. No worries. Of course when I first read it, I take it with a pinch of salt. Cos everyone might have an agenda for writing something so bullish, ultimately which developer will invite u to give a talk if u are bearish, rite?

        But to give the call & forecast is something not easy, takes more than just guts. Most analysts will just write something that is as good as not writing, haha if u get wat I mean 🙂

        Anyway, my own personal take on the article. Another 2 points probably not mentioned by them, which everything seem to fall in place for the perfect storm..

        Build then Sell

        When I first read abt SP Setia’s land deal with the British at 2200psf, I tot maybe it could be linked to the Battersea project so must not believe the price totally. Cos many anaylsts I spoke to all say that the acceptable price should be around 1500-1800psf for land in KLCC. And just recently the bungalow plot of German envoy is out on market… with a price tag of 200mil or 2500psf. We shall see if this deal works out. If it does, then land deal prices is a very good tell tale sign of whats coming.

  21. Avatar Question Mark T says: Reply

    I personally bought a unit at M Suites beside GE Mall. I am not sure is it zone 1 or 2.
    Getting the key in Nov/Dec. I am still thinking whether to keep the unit. Its still doesnt make sense for KLCC area property to be low around 1000psf. Some of the places like MK, DPC is priced 750-1000 psf. City Center should be significantly higher.
    City Center in SG is 2800-3500 psf outskirt is 1000-2000. There is a big gap but this is not seen in KLCC.
    Maybe it due to oversupply and also traffic Jam in KLCC area or getting comfy to stay in KLCC.
    Initially i was looking at subsales of Hampshire Place by Tan & Tan. Too much cash outlay 200k+. Now it is a condo which expat put on waiting list to rent.
    Its a question of location. I personally think condo which is 5-10 min walking distance from Petronas tower is best for investment. Over supply is a concern.
    my 2 cents worth….

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      QM, sorry. The stretch where m suite located is not in zone 2. Tats after all the consideration of evaluation. Or else klcc properties area coverage ll b keep expending indefinitely.

      I have to agreed with ur paragraph. Rental mkt of klcc is still there though many claimed it is oversupplied. It is the matter of choosing the right location x3 n size.

  22. Well, before I could wait for the tender results of the German Embassy land plot, another already sealed at highest record price of RM3,325 psf. Plot is in between Chinese Temple & Wisma Central along Jalan Ampang.

    Hmm..judging from this price tag, possible for the future developer to launch units above RM3,000psf.

    So it does makes sense for buyers to go into 4 Seasons at 2800-3200psf pricing.

    Caffe, what’s yr take on this? Is it another freak deal that should be ignored, like the RM7,200psf Vincent Tan paid for the Jalan Bukit Bintang plot?

    Cos this latest deal does make the SP Setia British Embassy land deal logical after all @RM2200psf…

    Reason why I am so keen on land deals in the area, cos it happen the same way 3-4 years back in Singapore when Developers paid top dollars for central core areas. The primary market normally follows its cue in a quarter or two, with the secondary market lagging by another 1 or 2 quarters.

    Not sure if it will happen to KLCC?

    1. Anyone has any idea what they plan to build on the plot is in between Chinese Temple & Wisma Central along Jalan Ampang?

  23. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Ng, ha..that’s million dollar question. Well, i think KLCC is bound to go up especially the small unit. Simple, many pj or non centre area are already priced at 750psf to 1200psf which is the price of KLCC last one or two yr price, it doesnt make sense to hav klcc remaining at current level. Lets face it, core city centre in any country surely has price differential from non city centre. How big is the gap can be considered reasonable is debatable n subjective. If you believe in market equilibrium then it will be determined by demand n supply. The way i look at it, KLCC prices are way too cheap at the moment, not just because of the location but also the infra, amenity, quality, architectual, facade etc given. It is financial hub of Msia which is very vibrant (advise investor to take a walk around KLCC and Pavillion during weekday and weekend. You can see different foreigners crowd and it is really vibrant metropolitan city). Then you can see Empire Dsara transacted near rm800psf with pathetic quality. Thats really eye opener. This doesnt even include the land costs that u pointed earlier.

    In the end, land cost surely affected the property price. We know it ll come as new launches ll surely b more expensive. We hav seen expensive new launches that charged 2k or 3k psf in great klcc location. Generally it ll push up the price in klcc but still it depends on individual proj in klcc in term of location n other related factors (maintenance, tenant profile, layout etc). Once kl ppls started to feel more worth to stay at klcc (not jus to buy n rent to expat but ownstay too then the price of klcc ll fly. With non city centre price getting radiculously high, the chance is there.

    1. another land deal has taken place..

      I-Bhd plans RM820m property project along Kia Peng
      Posted on: 2013-10-24 – Featured, Property News

      I-Bhd plans to undertake a property project along Jalan Changkat Kia Peng, comprising of small office-home office and serviced apartments, with a total gross development value (GDV) of RM820mil.

      It said on Thursday the proposed development would comprise of 127 units of SOHO and 315 serviced apartments.

      I-Bhd said the development order was obtained on Oct 21 from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur with a permitted plot ratio of 1:10.

      “The proposed development is expected to be developed over a span of 5 years commencing from mid 2014 and is targeted to complete by mid 2019,” it said.

      Before undertaking the project, I-Bhd and its unit I-Marcom Sdn Bhd had signed a conditional sale and purchase agreement with Sumuracres Sdn Bhd to buy the piece of land, measuring 1.05 acres, for RM132mil.

      Sumuracres is a unit of Sumurwang Sdn Bhd, which in turn is the major shareholder of I-Bhd.

      The purchase consideration would be settled by the issuance of the 132 million five-year 3% stepping up redeemable convertible unsecured loan stocks (RCULS) at the 100% nominal value of 50 sen per RCULS.


      Land Size : 45,738 sqf
      Price Paid : MYR 132 million
      Price psf. : MYR 2,886 psf
      Plot Ratio. : 1:10
      Built Up. : 457,380 sqf
      Price psf ppr : MYR 289 psf

      GDV announced : MYR 820 mil
      over 457,380 sqf built up will translate to MYR 1,792 psf current market value

      1. Freehold?

  24. Well Said !!

  25. I have a different take on the big units versus small units issue. A lot of the developers are constructing smaller units now. In a land scarce city like Singapore, there is some justification for the trend, although personally, I would never buy shoe box units, in Singapore or anywhere else.

    Coming back to the trend towards smaller units in KL. First off, supply of land is a lot more in KL, so I am not sure if it makes sense to go for small units. Secondly, over time, supply of smaller units will drastically increase and that may well have a dampening effect on price.

    End of the day, demand for smaller units will be higher because they have a lower quantum compared to large units. But supply will also be high. Number of buyers for larger units will be lower, but supply of such units will also be low. And with space at a premium, I think larger units are still a better investment.

    1. To better support yr point that I agree, I share with you my recent experience with Tribecca (no carpark lots allocated) A classic example of a project of small units gunning for that high 2000-2500psf. When they r selling the studio units at 600+sqf at abt RM1.6mil there are still many biting.

      But some sense knocked into me when I looked at their so calles loft unit of 1280sqf estimate at about over RM3million based on 2500psf

      hmm.. I could have bought a 3000+sqf unit in a better location off resale at the same price or slightly more. and at least 2 carpark lots. that comparison makes these deals attractive all of a sudden.

    2. What I mean is if I am to forkout a bigger quantum like RM3mil over for a bigger unit like the loft 2 bedder in Tribecca @ 2500psf ,I would be better off buying a much bigger unit in another more exclusive project with mainly big units and lower density and more carpark lots in a better location.

      So big units is a good buy now in completed resale projects for value buy own stay.

  26. Sorry, dun quite get your point. Do you prefer bigger or smaller units?

  27. The studio units are definitely too small for my liking. But the loft units might be ok, depending on the configuration. A 2-bedroom unit at 1,280 sf is quite comfortable. Even a 3-bedroom configuration might be ok. But if the developer squeezes four bedrooms into 1,280 sf, that would be tight!

  28. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Harry, you have ur point. My pov on smaller unit is merely based on current supply n demand in klcc
    Big size units r yet to be absorbed. In the other hand, small unit is in high demand. This is also due to current klcc expat demographic. Family based expat most likely go for other areas like bangsar/dsara/tropicana/dpc etc. If u r talking abt long term inv, i totally agree with u. It really depends on wat sort of strategy n holding power that u have. My 2 cent

    1. Ah I see. I think we are in agreement. Holding power and the time horizon are the two key variables.

      1. I think in klcc area small size from 700 sq ft onward will be a good fit. The expat that wants to stay in klcc are mostly single or small family whose children is below 4 yr old.
        Family with 2 kids tend to go for mont kiara or Bangsar.
        I stayed in mont kiara for 4 years. That’s the demographic I have seen.

  29. I heard of another plot brewing. If deal closed, will be above RM4k psf. Lets wait for official news to confirm

  30. Avatar Emily Johnson says: Reply

    KLCC units are a bargain compared to properties further out. The location is such an advantage. One thing many foreign buyers don’t realize are the nightmarish traffic jams in KL. I’ve rented on Jalan Binjai (from Mount Kiara) and life got easier overnight. Everything was within walking distance. I could walk to work, to the shopping centers, jog in the park, hook up with my friends at any time without having to check for floods or traffic conditions.

    I’m now in Italy and looking into buying in KLCC for investment. My main criteria is that I need two parking slots and at least 2 bedrooms. Anything under 1500 psf is good as long as the location is right and the density is not too high.

    I can’t stand those gigantic structures with 400+ rooms. I’m a snob lol

  31. […] Here at propcafe we have made quite in-depth study of the KLCC geography and propcafe has divided the KLCC property market to zone 1 and 2. For further reading on this topic, readers can read it […]

  32. […] project is sandwiched in between Top hat restaurant and Ampersand. Under the Propcafe Zoning (, The Grid falls under the Zone 1. Away from the usual bustling and noise of KLCC, The Grid located […]

  33. […] Jalan Yap Kwan Seng according to PROPCAFE’s KLCC zoning located on zone 2 (Can read the link here ) which means the development is not as prime as those located in Zone 1. Nevertheless… some will […]

  34. […] Let’s not forget, this part of Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur are predominately less affluent compare to KLCC Zone 1. Last we check, BBCC IS NOT EVEN IN PROPCAFE KLCC Zone 2. […]

  35. […] some of the most expensive real estate are located here. You can read PROPCAFE™ Guide on the link here to have general understanding of KLCC residential […]

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