PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Avenue D’Vogue @ Petaling Jaya by Inspiration Group

Avenue D’Vogue PJ has just recently VPed. PROPCAFE Team is fortunate enough to get invitation to have LSB, Lawatan Sambil Belajar at Avenue D’Vogue PJ and we feel very excited and can’t wait to share what we have seen and learnt. We thank Mr Har for inviting us to his crib at Avenue D’Vogue PJ.

Some introduction here on Avenue D’Vogue PJ.

Avenue D’Vogue PJ is located at Section 13, Petaling Jaya. We would not want to drill into Section 13 Petaling Jaya, the location may we just term this as ‘MILF’, Mature, Ideal, Luring, F*** Famed. We have also reviewed another project here in Section 13 earlier, just in case you are interest in MILF properties,  you may read it here.

Some quick summary on Avenue D’Vouge PJ.

What we like:

  1. We love the location of Avenue D’Vouge PJ. MILF (See above) apa lagi you mau?
  2. Limited supplies of SOHO, SOVO, SOFO in PJ. We assume usage to be versatile!
  3. Rare project with rooftop facilities
  4. Avenue D’Vouge PJ VP was delivered in satisfactory condition and workmanship (Yeppp, this is commericial property, typically purchasers are at the mercy of the developer to obtain CCC & VP concurrently) This is a viral and trending on Empire City, you know the drift!

What we don’t like:

  1. Massive deviation from artist impression to actual delivered product at Avenue D’Vouge PJ
  2. Initial impression of rooftop facilities was grand and Titanic feel, but turn out to be ……you go and see yourself, TITANIC GONE!!!!
  3. We don’t like the price then, paltry appreciation now.
  4. Avenue D’Vouge PJ, seriously Avenue D’Vouge PJ? This is England or French ni?

Avenue_D'vouge_entrance_statementAvenue_D'vouge_TitanicAvenue_D'vouge_titanic_gone2Avenue_D'vouge_titanic_gone Avenue_D'vouge_rooftop2 Avenue_D'vouge_rooftop Avenue_D'vouge_poolAvenue_D'vouge_pool2 Avenue_D'vouge_retail Avenue_D'vouge_playground2 Avenue_D'vouge_playground1Avenue_D'vouge_lift_areaAvenue_D'vouge_gym Avenue_D'vouge_gym2 Avenue_D'vouge_gym3Avenue_D'vouge_front Avenue_D'vouge_7 Avenue_D'vouge_lobby Avenue_D'vouge_4 Avenue_D'vouge_5Avenue_D'vouge_kitchen Avenue_D'vouge_kitchen_sink Avenue_D'vouge_ceiling Avenue_D'vouge_ceiling2 Avenue_D'vouge_corridor Avenue_D'vouge_corridor2 Avenue_D'vouge_2 Avenue_D'vouge_studio Avenue_D'vouge_unit_window Avenue_D'vouge_unit1 Avenue_D'vouge_unit3 Avenue_D'vouge_window2 Avenue_D'vouge_window3

5 Replies to “PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Avenue D’Vogue @ Petaling Jaya by Inspiration Group”

  1. LOL… What the fish…. Where is the ship? HAHAHAHA


  3. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Moral of the story….don’t be too creative 🙂

  4. Titanic sunk….creative as per movie.

  5. MILF…

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