PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Rymba Hill @ Kota Damansara by Sunway Group

Last month i did a bllingual review on Damansara Foresta, where the development comes with 21 acres of reserve forest, in fact, DF is not the first development comes with this forest theme.  Sunway Bhd has already launched the similar concept 3 years ago.


For Rymba Hills, the 6.5 acres of private forest park are owned by the residences via strata titles ownership, and could be only accessed by the residences and their guests.  This development covers 80 units of zero lot bungalows in 5 designs, all are in 3 storey. Its BU area ranging from 4500 sqft to 4650sqft. The phase 1 are all in Type C, while Type B is unique in the sense that the entrance is at the 2nd floor. Type A and Type D are the only types backing the hills, and comes with lift.



Above : the jungle tracks at the back of the house which leads to the 6.5 acres forest

The initial pricing for Phase 1 (Type C) was RM2.98mil, before the 5% rebate + RM50K cash voucher, Sunway PAL Members additional 3% Discount, with DIBS scheme. The phase 1 already VPed, while Phase 2 would be handovered in 3 months time. When visited the open house today, there are around 10 units still available for grabs, price starts from RM3.6Mil.


Left:  Club house and Armanee Terrace, Damansara Perdana, at the back



IMG_2462 IMG_2460



Above: Out door Gym and Sports.

The nearest competitor of Rymba Hill (RH) would be SHC’s The Effingham (EF) at Bandar Utama. It is fair to compare both as both are closed to each other with around 5 mins driving distance, and both are in ready to move in condition, given EF is BTS.

Below are the summary and comparison:-

a) Leasehold (RH) vs Freehold (EF)

b) Lower density for RH, i.e. only 80 units in the entire development, or merely 4 units per acres. There is no information on the total land size of EF, but i believe the EF’s total number of 212 units are higher in density.

c) Fenceless open concept for RH, thus can easily park up to 6 cars in own compound, whist EF is fenched. It won’t be surprise if the EF’s car pouch can only fit in 2 SUVs or 3 Kancil, unless one sacrifies the small piece of greens.

d) Both come with Club House, RH’s club house is generos in size with 4 storey + lift compared to EF’s 2 storey. but the 6.5 acres exclusive forest reserve for RH is definately a PLUS

e) EF Zero Lot has bigger BU of average 6000 sqft, whist RH BU’s is 25% lesser. But then EF only has 2 sides open vs RH has 3 sides open + only 1 side covered by wall, thus better air circulation, and more spacious feel.  EF is designed with 2 walls closed, as the back of the house is either facing the main road (Persiaran Surian) or other units.

f) There are ample of visitor car parks for RH, EF has none, and if the visitors were to park at the road side, it would be no different then its BU1- BU12, It would look very messy.

IMG_2465 IMG_2459

Those who fed up of the congestion at Persiaran Surian, can use the altrnative underpass near Palm Spring, and the road will lead to the SRJKC Damansara, then to the juction in between BU8 and BU 11, passing the old Sony factory. From here can be linked to SPRINT Highway, LDP or NKVE.

IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2450

IMG_2446 IMG_2439




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  1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    No brainer…Compare the two i ll take Rymba Hills eventhough it is leasehold. Forest, nice gng set up, nicer name, lower dense, etc.

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